Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and GPU: Address more use cases as your business grows

April 13, 2023 | 2 minute read
Subha Shankar
Sr. Principal Product Manager
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You can now deploy Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, which enables customers to run a VMware vSphere software-defined data center (SDDC) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) bare metal instances, on GPU shape BM.GPU.A10.4. Powered by four NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPUs, BM.GPU.A10.4 runs on the latest generation Intel Xeon Ice Lake BareMetal host with 1 TB of RAM, 100 Gbps of overall network bandwidth, 7.68 TB of raw NVMe internal disk, and support for up to 1 PB of external block storage.

OCI and NVIDIA expanding together

OCVS with NVIDIA Virtual GPU

Oracle and NVIDIA announced a multi-year partnership at Oracle CloudWorld 2022, including OCI adding support for thousands of NVIDIA GPUs to solve different business use cases. The partnership also licenses the complete NVIDIA AI Enterprise including NVIDIA Triton Inference Server for AI inference and NVIDIA Clara for healthcare.

The NVIDIA A10 is a compact, single-slot, 150-W GPU with 24-GB GDDR6 memory and 600 GB/s of memory bandwidth, making it ideal for mainstream graphics and video, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and render farm use cases. Coupled with NVIDIA RTX vWS, a software solution that unlocks NVIDIA RTX technology from the cloud, BM.GPU.A10.4 provides the performance required for graphics-rich workloads like computer-aided design (CAD), healthcare imaging, and product life-cycle management applications.

When you combine these features with VMware Horizon VDI, Microsoft RDS, or Citrix VDI solutions, you can support centralized virtual desktop management for a consistent user experience for new user communities, such as doctors, designers, engineers, artists, and scientists. Doctors can use it for 3D medical imaging and volume rendering, remotely viewing and editing large and complex medical images. Scientists and engineers can use it for ray tracing, procedural generation modeling, simulation and working with large 3D models and complex designs.

Try it yourself!

Sign up for the beta program today. Deploy Oracle Cloud VMware Solution on BM.GPU.A10.4. Install your own VMware Horizon or Citrix VDI licenses. You’re only charged on the usage of the GPU-enabled bare metal host at $8 per hour. To give feedback on the deployment or questions, contact the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution team.

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Subha Shankar

Sr. Principal Product Manager

Subha is a product manager leading Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. 

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