Oracle Cloud UK Government data centers achieve Police Assured Secure Facilities (PASF) assurance

March 28, 2023 | 3 minute read
Donalyn Selinsky
Global Government Sector, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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For more than a decade, the UK Government has been embracing a cloud-first strategy to modernize and use information and communications technologies (ICT) in a more flexible and cost-effective way. Consequently, policies and frameworks have been established to address cloud computing requirements for reliability and physical and logical security protections needed to support government functions and public services.

What is PASF?

The Police Assured Secure Facilities (PASF) program is administered by the Police Digital Service (PDS), whose objective is to help ensure secure cloud computing facilities for UK law enforcement workloads. All UK law enforcement offices and related police force organization looking to modernize ICT infrastructure and drive efficiencies with the cloud must conduct a thorough risk assessment.

One aspect of this due diligence is a PASF assessment, which includes a physical inspection of the data center where law enforcement data is stored. Though largely based on a subset of security controls defined in ISO 27001, the inspection aims to ensure that cloud computing facilities meet PASF availability and security requirements for physical data centers. This inspection includes proof that building safety, premises control, and logical domains such as telecommunications are secure and can provide continuous operations and business continuity.

Oracle Cloud’s PASF assessment

As it relates to PASF, we’re ensuring that Oracle Cloud for UK Government & Defence cloud computing facilities meet the requirements for physical and logical security controls.

Oracle Cloud’s UK Government data centers in London and Newport underwent a physical inspection of physical and environmental controls, and a review of the colocation provider’s business continuity plans and security certifications (ISO 27001) was made. The site visits were conducted by a PASF-qualified assessor, and Oracle Cloud UK Government data centers have been found to meet the established PASF requirements. So, Oracle Cloud UK Government data centers can host law enforcement workloads and critical data.

Oracle understands that the requirements of each law enforcement office can vary and more control provisions might be needed to adhere to a particular program. Using the PASF policy guidelines, each office must assess the suitability of a cloud infrastructure data center in the context of their own applications and requirements.

UK police force and law enforcement organizations that want to confirm that an Oracle Cloud UK Government data center has achieved PASF accreditation can request a copy of the assessment directly from the PDS.

Supporting UK Government workloads

Oracle Cloud is the first and only sovereign, dedicated dual-region cloud for UK Government and Defence customers. Designed in collaboration with multiple UK Government and Defence ministries, the dual region consists of two geographically separate sites—London, England and Newport, Wales—connected by a private high-speed network backbone that’s isolated from other commercial Oracle Cloud regions.

Investing in capabilities to help address customer security and compliance needs is a top priority for Oracle. Programs such as PASF offer independent, third-party assurance of our ongoing commitment to security, quality, and privacy. For more information on Oracle Cloud compliance programs, see Oracle Cloud Compliance.

If you have other questions about using Oracle Cloud for UK Government & Defence, contact one of our representatives for more information.

Donalyn Selinsky

Global Government Sector, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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