Oracle Cloud: The ideal platform for VMware

April 21, 2022 | 3 minute read
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In October 2021, Oracle CTO Larry Ellison and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram met on a video conference to discuss industry trends. Their discussion underscored Oracle’s commitment to provide cloud solutions for VMware customers and were outlined in our blog: Oracle @ VMworld 2021: Supporting VMware Today and Into the Future.

Today, Oracle is excited to announce the general availability of new product offerings that strengthen the value for customers operating their VMware estates in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Full details are in the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution spring release announcement.

OCI is the ideal platform for VMware with control, security, and predictability

Oracle recognizes that customers need control and provides super-user root access to fully manage VMware environments in the cloud. Security is always our top priority. Oracle recently announced FedRAMP+ authorization to enable the US intelligence community to deploy Oracle Cloud VMware Solution in FedRAMP High JAB P-ATO and DISA Impact Level 5 Authorized environments.

Predictability in time to productivity after migrating from on-premises to the cloud, operating costs, application performance, and user experience are all important. IT teams can rely on a predictable operating environment with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. Oracle recognizes that predictable operations with VMware solutions, such as VMware Horizon, is a key requirement. Oracle and VMware have validated support for various VMware solutions that are listed in the Spring Release announcement.

Increased customer adoption from financial services customers

Oracle and VMware recently hosted a panel discussion, Migrating Virtual Estates to the Cloud, focused on the needs of financial services institutions and FinTech firms. Financial services institutions are adopting Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to address the following unique requirements in their industry:

  • Protecting and defending against ransomware attacks: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution enables financial institutions to synchronize their VMware estates in a cloud-based, air-gapped environment that’s immediately operational if an attack occurs. This availability addresses the highly regulated banking industry that has a FINRA mandate to mitigate vulnerabilities from ransomware attacks.
  • Financial services firms can reduce risk and avoid fraud: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution can utilize adjacent OCI AI services to improve the accuracy of fraud detection. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is extensible for data integration from disparate sources, including real-time streaming sources, such as social media, to train machine learning models to expand and improve fraud detection accuracy.
  • Modernize and update security policies: Oracle Cloud VMware Solution facilitates identity mapping for requests to access and manage applications and infrastructure. A financial services customer recently modernized their network with VMware NSX to enable micro-segmentation policies for stronger security management. Customers can also use VMware vRealize Network Insight or other similar third-party tools that allow IT teams to visually see network connections and data paths.

Read how AYA Bank improves efficiency and cuts total cost of ownership 55% with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

Oracle and VMware are committed to zero carbon cloud initiatives

Oracle and VMware recently published a video and an article that describes our mutual commitment for environmental, social, and governance that discusses how Oracle aims to achieve specific goals for our facilities to powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025. Oracle also signed the 2015 net zero goal with an intermediate target of 2030. We have many more goals related to environmental programs.

Global reach and availability

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has the fastest growing network of global data centers, with 37 cloud regions available and seven more planned by the end of 2022. On day one of each new region, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is available with consistent and predictable pricing that allows customers to predictably manage their operating budget and forecast, regardless of where applications are deployed around the world.

Learn more about Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

To learn more about the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and our Spring 2022 updates, watch the latest Oracle and VMware on-demand webcast: Oracle Cloud: The Ideal Platform for VMware.

For more information, visit the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution page.

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