Oracle Cloud Marketplace for government cloud: Three easy steps to find and deploy your next vendor solution

June 21, 2021 | 3 minute read
Shweta Bhatia Gupta
Product Manager
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Co-authored by Matthew Miller.

The Oracle Cloud Marketplace has been serving many enterprises with its online store, providing access to hundreds of business apps and professional services that complement existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) implementation. Cloud architects and admins can sort from categories like security, backup and recovery, cloud management, migration, and high-performance computing as they augment their architecture.

Earlier this year, we launched Oracle Cloud Marketplace for government customers. Our government customers access the Marketplace, which is authorized by both the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) for US Government Cloud Regions and DISA Impact Level 5 authorization for US Federal Cloud Regions. Since the release, we’ve added significant vendor options to fuel customer environments with third-party software.

Customers can deploy Marketplace solutions through the OCI console or programmatically using REST APIs, SDKs, CLI. Furthermore, they can secure access to these solutions using the native integration of Marketplace with OCI Identity and Access Management (IAM).

In this post, we describe where and how to access the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for the US government and how with three short steps, you’re on your way to completing your environment, built with trusted Oracle partner products.

Step 1: Console sign-in

To begin, log in to the OCI Console with one of the following links, depending on your approved tenancy access. To sign in to the FedRAMP-authorized US Government Cloud, enter one of the following URLs in a supported browser:



To sign in to the US Federal Cloud with DISA Impact Level 5 authorization, enter one of the following URLs in a supported browser:




The browser times out after 15 minutes of inactivity, and you need to sign in again to use the Console.

Step 2: Find the listing

To find the listing, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Marketplace. Under Marketplace, click All Applications.

  2. Under List Scope, in the Compartment list, click the name of the compartment where you want to look for listings.

  3. Click Search for listings by entering a name, ID, category, or publisher name text box.

  4. Provide a search string, and then press Enter. If you provide a listing ID, it must contain the complete, exact listing ID to match. Marketplace supports partial matching for other listing search types. Marketplace displays all current listings that include the search string in either the name, listing ID, application category, or publisher name. To refine the results, you can filter them.

For more information, see Working with Listings.

Step 3: Pick a product option

In this final stage, you choose the software with the following options: Bring Your Own License (BYOL), Paid Listings, or Free. For a BYOL, the usage relies on software licenses that you already own. For Paid Listings offerings, usage incurs charges based on hourly rates, either according to OCPU hours consumed or according to the number of instances, irrespective of OCPU hours consumed by each. With Free listings, any usage incurs no charge.

You can sort from available versions, decide compartments, and accept the vendor’s license terms. Finally, you can use application configurations in the listing is a stack instead of an image. Fields open to gather more information.

Can it be any easier? Find and deploy vendor solutions in the Government Realms from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Oracle’s partnership with industry-leading network security ISVs, like Fortinet and Check Point can help you defend workloads and applications from threats, help you manage secure configurations with CIS hardened images solution for VMs, or support your organizations disaster recovery strategies with partners, such as RackWare Migration Manager and Disaster Recovery Manager. These options provide ability to recover any data in minutes and deliver seamless mobility and data portability for backup, recovery, and migration to, from, and within any environment. With robust partner solutions listings, you can click to deploy the latest applications, such as GoldenGate, E-Business Suite Cloud Manager, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, and dozens of other Oracle applications. Find hundreds of vendors and Oracle app listings on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Can’t find the vendor you’re looking for?

We’re continuously growing the Oracle Cloud Marketplace library of Oracle and third-party independent software vendors (ISVs) to help support your organizational goals. Contact your account representative or email Matthew Miller, a senior manager for Cloud Marketplace Partnerships responsible for ISV recruitment, feature enhancements, and growing the day-to-day government marketplace business.

Shweta Bhatia Gupta

Product Manager

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