Oracle Cloud Infrastructure US government and DoD region customers can now utilize VMware, API Gateway, and more

April 2, 2021 | 3 minute read
Jerry Niemeyer
Director, Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Public Sector
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We’re excited to announce that a new set of cloud services has achieved FedRAMP high JAB and DISA IL5 accreditation in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) US Government and DoD regions. This significant accreditation is a testament to Oracle’s commitment to the US Public Sector business and the velocity with which we can accredit services. The announcement is our second release of new services in less than three months.

Newly accredited

This set of services also marks a significant step in delivering on our initiative of “Everything everywhere,” a comprehensive OCI strategy for service parity between our government-focused regions and commercial, public regions. One step closer to the “Everything, everywhere” goal, these efforts demonstrate our level of commitment to the success of our customers.

The following services achieved accreditation in January 2021:

  • Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

  • API Gateway

  • Functions

  • E-mail Delivery service

  • Secrets in Vault

  • Cloud Shell service

  • Data Transfer service

These services offer powerful new capabilities and deliver on the promise of a comprehensive cloud offering. This offering helps create cost savings and reduces administrative burden as governments strive to provide services to their employees and citizens. This achievement also extends our industry partnership with VMware to help governments move on-premises virtualization solutions into OCI. Let’s look at how our government customers can use these services.

Improvements for government customers

  • Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, the first VMware offering on a hyperscale cloud to achieve both IL5 and FedRAMP high accreditation, gives customers complete control using familiar VMware tools to extend or migrate existing virtualized on-premises environments to the cloud. This offering allows you to migrate VMware to the cloud, expand, or deploy a cost-effective disaster recovery environment.
  • Functions give customers the benefit of serverless economics; you only incur costs when a workload is triggered and doesn’t require idle resources or the burden of managing VMs.

  • API Gateway is serverless and completely managed. Functions combined with API Gateway allow different applications to interact.

  • Email Delivery allows organizations to send bulk email with confidence at scale and ease of use.

  • Secrets in Vault bring enhanced security to public sector customers who depend on more focused key management, allowing you to better utilize credentials with Oracle Vault to manage access to cloud resources using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security certification.

  • Cloud Shell brings simple, no-cost web browser-based access to Linux VMs directly from the Console and includes many standard tools and utilities for managing and developing within a VM.

  • The Data Transfer service allows the largest workloads to easily and quickly migrate into the cloud, using a physical device to move massive amounts of data securely by physically loading it onto a storage device and shipping it directly to an Oracle Cloud data center.

Want to know more?

To learn more about these and many other cloud services, visit our Public Sector resource center. Expect more services to become available in the US government regions in the coming months. Remember, Oracle offers the same SLAs in every region so that you can deploy with confidence in all OCI US government regions. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions dedicated to the government consist of FedRAMP high federal and civilian authorized regions and IL5 Department of Defense (DoD) authorized regions. Consult your Oracle sales representative to begin your journey to Oracle’s cloud.

Jerry Niemeyer

Director, Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Public Sector

I have spent the last 25 years innovating in the IT industry, with a focus on Public Sector customers and cloud deployments.

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