Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Score Jumps 63 Percent Y/Y in New Gartner Solution Scorecard

August 25, 2020 | 3 minute read
Clay Magouyrk
Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering
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New Gartner Reports On OCI IaaS + PaaS

Have you put Oracle on your short list of cloud infrastructure partners?

If not, there’s two new Gartner reports we think are worth reading: “It’s Time to Include Oracle as a Viable Option When Evaluating Public Cloud Providers” and the 2020 Gartner Solution Scorecard for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IaaS+PaaS.

We believe that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now meets the key requirements to run all enterprise-class, production-grade cloud workloads.

What We've Done

“Oracle is the provider whose scores improved the most in 2020” in the Solution Scorecard1 To us, this demonstrates strong engineering and innovation momentum. We’ve invested millions of developer hours over the last year to meet the needs of our customers, and I’m proud of the team’s accomplishments.

While Oracle Cloud Infrastructure remains a “primary strategic cloud provider” for all Oracle technologies, customers with other Enterprise applications, including SAP, Microsoft, IBM, custom applications, and other workloads with similar characteristics, should consider Oracle Cloud. Customers with high-performance use cases like Analytics, Cloud Native applications, and high-performance computing, would also benefit from Oracle’s “very good overall performance” and strong bare metal capabilities. You see that we can handle a broad range from real examples like 7-Eleven, who runs a portfolio of enterprise applications, and Zoom, who runs their cloud-native, real-time conferencing.

What We’re Doing Well

  • High-performance cloud infrastructure, including bare metal and virtual machine computing and GPUs, block storage, Exadata database, networking, and WAN connectivity through Oracle’s managed backbone network. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s architecture is designed for high network and I/O (input/output) performance with maximum I/O consistency. Consistent high performance matters every day, whether you’re closing the financial books at month end, digitally designing a new car, or simulating the weather.

  • Cloud region growth, Oracle now offers a broad and consistent set of cloud services across 26 regions in 12 countries on six continents to serve our global customer base. I’m especially excited to see our success in Japan, Brazil, and the Middle East. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s new San Jose, California cloud region continues an unprecedented rate of expansion, with 18 regions delivered in the last 12 months.

  • Private cloud that works just like our public cloud. We listened to our customers, many of whom have critical systems of record, and heard that we needed to build something complete, performant, and with full customer control. That’s why the Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer offers our full range of IaaS and PaaS services, keeps the control plane and data with the customer to ensure compliance, removes the pain of infrastructure management, and enables customers to run both their existing critical applications and modernization projects side by side.

  • Our modern data platform, including our Autonomous Database, its underlying high-performance platform, as well as our unique abilities to provide clustering and high availability for Oracle Databases, side-by-side with other data processing engines like Apache Spark.

  • Our customers want the highest assurances around security, data durability, and access to strong data services. According to the Solution Scorecard, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has an overall solution score of 62 out of 100, meets 74% of the required criteria, 48% of the preferred criteria, and 17% of optional criteria.

Want to Know More?

Read the full Gartner Solution Scorecard for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. A subscription is required to access the page. Enterprise architects can get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by browsing and deploying our catalog of over 50 reference architectures. Engineers and developers can try Oracle Cloud for free.


1 - It’s Time to Include Oracle as a Viable Option When Evaluating Public Cloud Providers, July 2020,

Clay Magouyrk

Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

Clay runs the engineering and software development team for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, based in Seattle.  He has experience building cloud systems at scale at Amazon and elsewhere and was one of the first members of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure team, working on Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud since its inception.

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