Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Launches Toronto Region

January 17, 2019 | 3 minute read
Andrew Reichman
Director of Product Management
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Oracle is excited to announce the availability of a new cloud infrastructure region in Toronto, Canada, which is now live and running customer workloads. Oracle has a strong presence in Canada, with all of the top 10 and 76 of the top 100 Canadian companies by revenue using Oracle products and services. Use of Oracle spans all industries and provinces within Canada, including significant use by federal, provincial, and municipal agencies, as well as educational institutions. For all of these organizations, Oracle is trusted to solve the most significant business and technology challenges, including transacting revenue, protecting data, connecting with customers, building products, and driving innovation. Forty-three of the top 100 Canadian companies already use Oracle Cloud, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS deployments, and we're confident that a local region will increase the benefits from cloud usage.

Oracle has built a cloud specifically to handle the rigors of enterprise workload requirements. We offer customers consistent high performance, simple predictable pricing, and the tools and expertise needed to bring enterprise workloads to cloud without risk or problems. Because Canada has some of the most stringent requirements for data privacy and residency on the planet, we knew that we must operate in-country to serve our Canadian customers effectively. Now that we’re up and running in Toronto, we’re excited to power our existing customers’ journey to cloud for the workloads that they care most about, and serve new customers and workloads that are being built for the first time. Oracle is the place for performance and reliability in cloud operations.

Seneca College is a great example of a long-standing Oracle Customer in Canada that will take advantage of the new local region.  Oracle PeopleSoft is the lifeblood of their community, with all their enrollment and administration activity taking place in the application.  They currently run the majority of the application on-premises and have a well-defined cloud strategy in place to take advantage of the cloud. We’re excited to give them a local region of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that will facilitate their cloud migration from a workload optimization, compliance and performance perspective.  We expect this will drive better results for their students, faculty and their IT operations overall.

LifeLabs is a diagnostics provider that performs over 112 million laboratory tests to help diagnose, treat, monitor, and prevent diseases for millions of Canadians. All of their financial transactions and complex accounts-receivable activities are done using Oracle E-Business Suite. As these functions transition to Oracle ERP SaaS, LifeLabs will protect their investments in application customization and third-party integrations with extensions to their SaaS deployment using the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region.

CMiC is a leading software provider to the construction industry globally. They have been running their project and materials management tools on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for some time, and they're ready to expand their SaaS offerings to Canada. Because of the restrictions on data residency, and concerns about latency and performance, running locally was a requirement for CMiC. The launch of the Oracle Cloud infrastructure region will unlock this new market and foster growth for this longstanding Oracle partner.

Oracle is tremendously excited to deliver on this promise to better serve customers in Canada. This launch is part of an aggressive global cloud region expansion plan that will put an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region in most major markets by 2019. We’re putting our consistently high-performance cloud infrastructure that’s optimized for Oracle and other demanding data-centric workloads everywhere in the world that our customers operate, giving them the ability to deploy critical systems with low latency and in compliance with local regulations for data residency and protection.  

To read about today's launch, see the press release.

Andrew Reichman

Director of Product Management

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