Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect Integration with Colt

June 3, 2022 | 6 minute read
Misha Kasvin
Principal Solutions Architect, OCI Networking Services
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Oracle and Colt are pleased to announce a new integration feature for FastConnect in the Oracle Cloud Console. This new integration allows customers to fully provision their FastConnect virtual circuits with Colt all from a single pane of glass without needing to switch between multiple web portals and is available for both private and public peering. During provisioning of your FastConnect virtual circuit, you can log in securely using your Colt account credentials to complete the full end-to-end FastConnect configuration without ever having to leave the Oracle Cloud Console.

Why do you need Colt?

Oracle and Colt have simplified how you connect your business locations to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), seamlessly over the Oracle FastConnect portal. With Colt’s on-demand networking, you have the following capabilities:

  • Gain control over your network with a feature-rich self-service portal

  • Benefit from real-time service provisioning and say goodbye to long delivery times

  • Choose from long-term fixed contracts or per-hour billing with no commitment

  • Connect to the cloud with a network offering that can match the cloud experience

Colt strives to transform the way the world works through the power of connectivity. The Colt IQ Network connects over 1,000 data centers across Europe, Asia, and North America’s largest business hubs, with over 29,000 on net buildings and growing. Colt provides a world-class network and voice connectivity to businesses in Europe, Asia, and the US. They have been specialists in their field for over two decades and are recognized as an innovator and pioneer in software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).

What is FastConnect?

OCI FastConnect allows customers to connect from their on-premises data centers to their OCI virtual cloud networks (VCNs) through dedicated, private, high-speed connections. FastConnect offers multiple high-bandwidth options and different connectivity models using OCI FastConnect partners like Colt or direct connections when colocating in the same data center facility. FastConnect provides a more reliable and consistent networking experience when compared to any internet-based communication like IPSec VPNs. For more information on FastConnect, see FastConnect Overview.

Before you begin

Perform the following prerequisites with OCI:

Create a Colt account and establish a billing relationship.

Creating a FastConnect connection with OCI and Colt

When all prerequisites have been completed, you’re ready to provision your FastConnect. For these steps, which show how to create a private peering connection, you need to know your BGP IP addresses for the virtual circuit and your autonomous system number (ASN).

  1. When you’re logged in to the Oracle Cloud Console, open the menu at the top left. Select Networking, then FastConnect.

  2. To begin configuring your FastConnect, click the Create FastConnect button.

  3. Under Connection Type, select FastConnect Partner, then select Colt: DCA from the menu.

    A screenshot of the Create Connection screen on the Connection Type tab with FastConnect Partner selected.

  4. Click Next.

  5. The next screen is the configuration page for your virtual circuit. Provide the required information to complete your configuration.

    A screenshot of the Create Connection page on the Configuration tab with Private Virtual Circuit selected.

    All other options like IPv6, BGP MD5 authentication, BFD, and the MTU are optional parameters.

  • Name: Give your FastConnect connection a descriptive name.
  • Compartment: Select a compartment for your FastConnect.
  • Virtual circuit type: Select the type of virtual circuit you want to create. This blog uses the private virtual circuit option for this example. Public peering is also supported by this new integration with Colt. For more information on the different available virtual circuit types and how to configure them, see Uses for FastConnect.
  • Dynamic routing gateway: Select the DRG you created as part of the prerequisites.
  • Provisioned bandwidth: Select the bandwidth you want for your virtual circuit
  • BGP IP addresses: Define a customer and Oracle side BGP IP. These IPs must belong to the same /30 or /31 subnet. Ensure that these addresses don’t overlap with your on-premises or OCI networks.
  • Customer BGP ASN: The private BGP ASN of your network.
  1. Click the Create button to provision your FastConnect virtual circuit.

  2. When your virtual circuit has provisioned, it exists in the Pending Partner lifecycle state. On the details page for your virtual circuit, you can see a Next Steps banner. Click the Complete Connection button in this banner, which starts the new integration workflow to configure the Colt side of the FastConnect.

    A screenshot of the Connection Detail page with the Next Steps banner at the top and the Complete Connection button outlined in red.

  3. Enter your Colt account username and password to securely login.

    A screenshot of the Colt Login Information page.

  4. The next screen is the configuration page for the Colt side of your FastConnect virtual circuit. Input the following information

    A screenshot of the Colt: Complete and Configure Connection page with details filled in.

  • Connection name: Give your connection a descriptive name.
  • Colt ethernet port: Select the Colt port for your connection.
  • Oracle connection location: Select the Oracle FastConnect data center location for your connection. Some OCI regions have multiple FastConnect locations.
  • Connection bandwidth: Set the connection bandwidth for your virtual circuit. The selected bandwidth option must be less than or equal to the bandwidth you selected in Step 5.
  • Connection commitment period: Select the term for your connection.
  • Preferred B-end VLAN: Select the B-end VLAN tag for your virtual circuit.
  1. Click the Next button to go to the review page.

  2. The review page summarizes your configuration and confirms your Colt pricing for your FastConnect virtual circuit.

  3. Click the check box to confirm the Colt billing and click the Complete button to begin provisioning the virtual circuit in Colt.

    A screenshot of the Complete Colt Connection page on the Review and Complete tab.

When provisioning has been completed and the Colt configuration has been implemented and verified, your FastConnect virtual circuit transitions to the green Provisioned lifecycle state. If you already configured BGP on your CPE, your virtual circuit is operational and the BGP session establishes. A full end-to-end connection has been established without the need to configure it from multiple different management consoles.

Oracle recommends always having at least two FastConnect connections to ensure end-to-end redundancy and avoid any single points of failure. You can configure your redundant connections to be backup or implement an active-active architecture with ECMP to take advantage of all your available bandwidth.


This blog details the new integration between Oracle and Colt allowing you to quickly configure your FastConnect end-to-end from a single pane of glass without needing to jump between multiple management consoles. If you already have an active Colt account, you can quickly complete your full FastConnect connection and be up and running within minutes.

For more information on FastConnect, see our documentation at FastConnect overview, including how to configure FastConnect with an Oracle Partner.

For more details on Colt including their products, solutions, and availability, see the Colt website.

Misha Kasvin

Principal Solutions Architect, OCI Networking Services

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