Optimizing your move to SaaS with a winning duo: Oracle Government Cloud and Accenture Federal Cloud ERP

June 7, 2021 | 4 minute read
Robert Huie
Partner Architect
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Oracle's Software as a Service (SaaS) offers many matured options for replacing your on-premise E-Business Suite (EBS) application for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or PeopleSoft for payroll or human capital management systems (HCM). However, these offerings out-of-box might be a challenge for some of our public sector customers.

Here are few scenarios, when moving to Oracle's SaaS solutions might pose a challenge, especially for our public sector customers:

  1. Highly customized - Your current implementations - ERP, SCM, or HCM, are highly customized. More for in case of public sector customers, where the workflows operate differently than a commercial entity. These workflows are not readily adapted in commonly available most SaaS environments, not only with Oracle but across the industry. In such cases, additional development is needed to make these workflows adaptable.
  2. Costs and time - Your agency has already invested in developing custom modules or plug-ins specific to public sector workflows with your current on-premise Oracle applications. With the move to SaaS, those workflows may need to be redeveloped, adding more costs to get your agency to a working state. Doing it in-house may make the move too costly and time-consuming in the long term.
  3. License investment - Your agency is heavily invested in the licensing of Oracle application licenses; simply converting those licenses into SaaS licenses might not be feasible. A scenario where you would want to move today, perhaps due to aging hardware, but there are a few years left on the licensing contract.
  4. Adaptability – Your agency may depend on a particular version and cannot upgrade until further development. With SaaS, you control the data but not the software provider's development cycle. Software is updated on the SaaS provider's schedule on a regular frequency.

My agency still wants SaaS; what are my options?

Here is where Oracle's Partner ecosystem gets creative. Our strategic partner, Accenture Federal Services, has created Accenture Federal Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (AFCE). AFCE is a SaaS-like offering for our public sector customers. AFCE lifts and shifts your Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft systems onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's FedRAMP High Government Regions and manages them with a SaaS model. If you require a greenfield deployment, that is an option also. This offering is a fully managed EBS or PeopleSoft environment, running on IaaS, PaaS, and maintained as a SaaS by Accenture.

What are the benefits of this option?

  1. Everything remains the same – The customization that have already been implemented can remain—business as usual. You will not need to redevelop any workflows, modules, or plug-ins. The migration is seamless.
  2. Bring your own license (BYOL) – Even though Accenture manages this, the on-premise database licenses can be exchanged for Oracle Database Cloud Service and Exadata Cloud Service license, using our BYOL to PaaS offering. The licenses that you have invested in are preserved.
  3. SaaS driven model – With a SaaS driven model, you bring your data. Oracle maintains the hardware infrastructure through IaaS, and Accenture maintains the OS, software patches, and upgrades. Securing your data is Accenture's responsibility.
  4. Performance – It has been proven time and again, Oracle applications on Oracle Government Cloud give the best performance. Oracle applications are most optimized on Oracle Government Cloud
  5. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – Agencies gain Oracle Government Cloud's SLAs backed by commitments to availability, manageability, and performance.
  6. Costs – One of the driving costs for hosting any application on-premise is the hardware, hardware maintenance, and the labor in maintaining the hardware.
  7. Compliance and Security – Both Oracle and Accenture are FedRAMP authorized. Oracle Government Cloud is FedRAMP High authorized, and AFCE is a FedRAMP Moderate Cloud Solution built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  8. Fast kickstart – With Accenture's pre-built interfaces and federal extensions, agencies can reduce or eliminate adoption time. You have the flexibility to bring your own interfaces and extensions from the current Oracle Applications.

Moving to a SaaS model is the well-established goal of this decade for many agencies. Taking these steps with AFCE provides an easy pathway to meet your goals. A step forward in moving your on-premise Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft applications to the cloud and a chance of modernizing your architecture to take full advantage of IaaS and PaaS, helping you transform your IT organization in anticipation of moving to SaaS. Moving to the cloud or a SaaS-driven model will also help optimize the labor costs dedicated to "keeping the lights on," giving you an opportunity to diverting those costs towards additional development. And in turn, accelerating new features enhancements and improving the experience for your users.

Ready to make a move?

Still not convinced? Check out this video as Oracle and Accenture CEO's discuss AFCE and what's next in cloud computing and AFCE on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. I usually would say take it for a spin, but this is a uniquely designed solution. You can't just sign up for it like with an ordinary SaaS offering. What Accenture can do, as a trusted Oracle partner, is help you with all you need to get started. This would include an assessment, creating a proof-of-concept (with Oracle's assistance), and providing you with total costs of ownership analysis to show you the benefits of moving to the Accenture Federal Cloud ERP Platform. We have seen some great success with Accenture, moving development and test environments to Oracle Government Cloud-first as a proof-of-concept to start.

Moving low-risk environments allows customers to see the benefits, performance, and reliability of Oracle applications on the Oracle Government Cloud. Once customers see the value, they are all in with migrating their production Oracle EBS and PeopleSoft environments to Oracle Government Cloud under the AFCE Platform. Feel free to reach out to me directly or contact your Oracle Public Sector Sales Representative for more information.


Robert Huie

Partner Architect

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