Announcing Operational Metrics for OCI Logging's Unified Monitoring Agent

October 17, 2023 | 2 minute read
Tamer Karatekin
Product Manager of the Unified Monitoring Agent
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We are excited to announce the general availability of Operational Metrics in OCI Logging's Unified Monitoring Agent (UMA). This feature allows you to track and analyze a variety of metrics related to the performance and health of the UMA.  

UMA Operational Metrics provide valuable insights for optimizing your Agent configurations. These metrics enable you to identify potential problems with the UMA before they cause outages or performance degradation. You can visualize these metrics using the OCI Dashboards or OCI Monitoring services. You can also set alarms on these metrics using OCI Monitoring when they operate outside your preferred thresholds.

Operational metrics

This release supports the following operational metrics for the Unified Monitoring Agent:

  • Heartbeat: Reports the state of the UMA. 1 denotes that the agent is up, and 0 denotes the agent is down. 

  • RestartMetric: Emitted whenever the agent starts or restarts. 

  • EmitRecords: Provides the total number of emitted log records.

  • BufferSpaceAvailable: The available buffer space expressed as a precentage.

  • SlowFlushCount: The total number of slow flushes.

  • RollbackCount: The total number of times the agent rolls back a transaction.

  • RetryCount: Tracks the number of times the agent retries a data send operation after a failure.


A screenshot of the Oracle Cloud Console dashboard showing operational metrics.

Get started today!

You can enable Operational Metrics in OCI Logging for your Agents under Advanced Options when creating or editing an Agent configuration. Metrics are ingested into a custom namespace in OCI Monitoring and are subject to pricing for OCI Monitoring. To learn more about UMA Operational metrics, please visit documentation. Operational metrics are now available in all commercial regions. Logging is available through the Console, Software Developer Kit (SDK), CLI, REST API, and Terraform. Contact us with any questions or feedback you may have.

Tamer Karatekin

Product Manager of the Unified Monitoring Agent

Tamer Karatekin is the product manager responsible for OCI's Unified Monitoring Agent under the Observability group. He oversees the product lifecycle of the agent and leads the implementation of new features. Tamer has an undergraduate degree from MIT's EECS department and a Healthcare certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management. 

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