Driving Government Innovation: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster Leverages NVIDIA AI in Oracle US Government Cloud

April 25, 2024 | 4 minute read
George Boateng
Solution Architect
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Government agencies around the world are recognizing the incredible potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to effectively manage their large datasets and complex processes. AI has the capacity to automate mundane tasks, enhance worker productivity, and provide data-driven insights that help solve mission-critical issues. However, with the rapid adoption of AI in the government sector, data security and compliance with government regulations are paramount issues that need to be addressed.

Now offered on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster in the Oracle US Government Cloud, the NVIDIA AI Enterprise end-to-end software platform is designed to help businesses and organizations scale enterprise-grade AI solutions seamlessly while maintaining high levels of security and compliance.

Enhanced efficiency and innovation for government

With NVIDIA AI Enterprise deployed on Oracle Cloud Supercluster, government agencies can significantly enhance their capabilities across a wide range of mission-critical domains by quickly processing large amounts of data for faster decision-making. For example, government organizations can create AI models that analyze years of public health data to predict disease outbreaks so that agencies can mitigate risks before health crises emerge. Government customers can also monitor environmental changes by processing vast amounts of data in a short period of time.

Using Oracle Cloud’s high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities, customers can train and deploy complex AI models to efficiently tackle challenging large-scale AI workloads. Agencies can utilize NVIDIA AI Enterprise to help develop advanced AI systems for cybersecurity threat detection and analysis by sifting through vast amounts of data to identify suspicious activities and anomalies. NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Supercluster facilitates these large-scale AI initiatives and capabilities without compromising security and scalability. 

Addressing security concerns in government

Security is crucial for government agencies due to the sensitive nature of most government workloads. NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster operates within Oracle’s secure US Government Cloud regions. These regions have achieved Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) High authorizations. They’re specifically designed to meet stringent security and compliance requirements that allow customers to take advantage of Oracle’s unique isolated realm architecture to simplify and strengthen data sovereignty and controls.

Using Oracle’s accredited cloud infrastructure, federal civilian agencies and government contractors stand to benefit from the added security of deploying NVIDIA AI Enterprise in Oracle’s US Government Cloud regions. Robust physical security measures, such as gated entries, manned gatehouses, and intrusion detection systems, combined with capabilities like identity and access management and continuous monitoring, help to further secure sensitive workloads in Oracle’s US Government Cloud regions.

High performance for demanding AI workloads

NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Supercluster is secure and exceptionally powerful, featuring NVIDIA H100 and A100 Tensor Core GPUs that are specifically designed for large-scale AI workloads. NVIDIA AI Enterprise empowers government agencies to tackle demanding tasks without compromising on performance. 

With the NVIDIA H100 and A100 GPUs, government agencies can accelerate a wide range of AI workloads, including:

  • Natural language processing (NLP): Analyze vast amounts of text data, such as citizen feedback or social media conversations to identify trends and extract valuable insights. NLP models can process language with incredible speed and accuracy, enabling agencies to derive meaningful insights from textual data.
  • Computer vision: Process and analyze images and videos for applications like security monitoring, traffic analysis, and infrastructure inspection. The powerful GPUs enhance critical capabilities for visual intelligence applications, including fast and accurate image recognition, object detection, and scene understanding.
  • Generative AI: Use cutting-edge generative models for tasks like code generation, content creation, and document analysis. These models require significant computational power that is met using these GPUs.

Deploying NVIDIA AI Enterprise

For details on how to deploy NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle US Government Cloud, review the deployment guide. The guide walks you through how to configure and launch the HPC cluster stack from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and then specify the NVIDIA GPU compute, networking, and storage needs. You can also pull the AI framework you want from NVIDIA’s GPU repository to validate performance. NVIDIA AI Enterprise Support Services can provide support, education, and professional services to help you get started.


The adoption and implementation of AI solutions are poised to have a tremendous impact on government operations and services. By automating repetitive tasks and improving workflows, AI will free up valuable time for government organizations to focus on mission-critical issues.

NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Supercluster provides an ideal platform to foster innovation and allow for large-scale enterprise AI deployments. NVIDIA AI Enterprise on Oracle’s US Government Cloud offers not just exceptional cloud performance but also the critical security features required for government workloads. With this secure, high-performance platform, government agencies are equipped to unlock new levels of efficiency, drive innovation, and ultimately deliver better services to citizens.

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George Boateng

Solution Architect

George Boateng is a Solution Architect supporting ONSRs. He has a background in OCI, AWS, DEVOPS, Linux, and Windows. He has experience automating infrastructure using CloudFormation and Terraform. George assists customers in solving technical challenges as well as helping to drive work. He is a key member of the team working on the Oracle Cloud Native SCCA Landing Zone for DoD customers.

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