OCI multicloud solutions with Megaport Cloud Router

May 8, 2024 | 4 minute read
Mathew (Matt) Sebastian
Director, Oracle Solution Center
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This blog post was co-authored by Dan Bowling, Alliances Director, Megaport

Organizations are rapidly moving and scaling their applications into the cloud ecosystem. Enterprise customers who want to optimize and modernize their operations in this cloud ecosystem need interconnectivity to and between multiple cloud service providers (CSPs). While several architectures are available, demand from enterprise customers for split-stack multicloud deployments, where an analytics application runs on one cloud and the data resides on another cloud, are on the rise, especially to support data integration from disparate sources and reporting using the powerful Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) platform. The enterprise analytics application user or the line of business (LOB) decision-maker benefits from the modernized connecting and reporting across best-in-class cloud providers’ applications without having to incur expensive migration, data replication, and data redundancy costs.

The described scenario can be accomplished horizontally across any industry and between any CSP’s platform connecting to the OAC platform. This blog post provides a solution that drives economies of scale for the customer’s increasing analytics needs.

Megaport Cloud Router

The Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) is a virtual routing appliance, which delivers a fast, secure, and scalable solution to connect multiple cloud platforms through private network connections in a colocation facility. Coupled with private network solutions, such as Oracle FastConnect and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect, the MCR bypasses the public internet and enables cloud-to-cloud connectivity, purpose-built for high throughput and predictable performance. Data moves between multiple public cloud platforms directly, reducing end-to-end latency between Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and other cloud platforms for data migrations or steady-state split-stack architectures.

Why Megaport for Oracle multicloud implementations 

Megaport’s multicloud connectivity solution connecting through its virtual cloud router for Oracle enables OCI Database services, such as Autonomous Database and Exadata Database Service on Dedicated Infrastructure, with cloud-to-cloud connectivity to other CSPs, such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This connectivity benefits the coexistence of best-of-breed applications that can span multiple clouds and helps organizations realize better performance and scalability, while helping to ensure efficiencies in interoperability and availability.

Customers gain the following capabilities by using the Megaport virtual cloud router solution for Oracle:

  • Ability to move workloads to hybrid cloud architecture ecosystems.
  • Run workloads on low-latency, highly reliable (five nines availability) connectivity between apps and data, especially for data consolidation, integration, and analytics workloads.
  • Bypass public internet traffic with dedicated connectivity between client and provider data center networks.
  • Multicloud architecture with both full and split stacks.

Oracle multicloud: Split-stack architecture use case enabled by MCR

To test the MCR solution for multicloud connectivity, we built a split-stack multicloud architecture use case with the application stack running OAC on OCI, predominantly used for analytics and reporting by application users. We built another stack on Amazon Redshift, acting as a data warehouse that encompasses trend data and streaming data from multiple data feeds and downstream systems.

The three primary elements of this network architecture are Megaport Cloud Router (MCR), Megaport Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) to OCI FastConnect, and VXC to AWS Direct Connect.

Figure 1: Architecture Diagram for example solution connecting a Amazon Redshift to Oracle Analytics Cloud using Megaport Cloud Router
Figure 1: Architecture Diagram for example solution connecting Amazon Redshift to Oracle Analyics Cloud using Megaport Cloud Router

Megaport’s cloud router solution made it possible to read and report on multicloud data sources through OAC’s advanced analytics and visualization capabilities. Organizations across many industries can use this scenario to achieve better performance and cost efficiencies for analytics.

This solution includes the following benefits:

  • Ability to run data analytics at the source.
  • Modern analytics reporting with real-time data and faster delivery of reports.
  • Increased throughput and sub 5-millisecond latency according to standard observations depending on location of cloud regions and onramps. In some cases, it can be lower depending on the architecture and gerographic regions. 
  • Dramatically improved data transfer rates from several hours to few minutes. 


To see these solutions in action, contact the Oracle Solution Center (OSC) through your Oracle Account Representative and ask how to engage the OSC in validating any of these solutions before you make an investment.

For more information refer to the following resources:


Mathew (Matt) Sebastian

Director, Oracle Solution Center

Matt leads the Partner /System Integrator (SI) Solutions within Oracle's RevOps Solution Center. He is responsible for global solutions and consulting for North America Sales, SE/SC orgs, Partners (GSI/RSI, VAD/VARs, ISVs and NSPs) focused on delivery, growth and adoption of OCI, Hybrid/Multi-Cloud, Cloud Adjacent and Engineered systems. 

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