Announcing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration with Apptio Cloudability

September 18, 2023 | 4 minute read
Ramesh Venkat
Principal Product Manager
Arun Ramakrishnan
Senior Principal Product Manager
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Organizations are increasingly running their workloads in more than one public cloud. This choice might be driven by economics, capabilities of a particular public cloud offering, or availability, such as improving the resilience of an application by deploying it on multiple public cloud providers. Oracle has recognized this need and has been delivering multicloud enabling services, such as Oracle Interconnect for Azure and Oracle Database Service for Azure (ODSA) since 2019. 

However, the move to multicloud has also introduced challenges around a lack of centralized management and monitoring of cloud consumption. With the adoption of every new public cloud, customers must learn about the schema of how cost and usage details are expressed within a particular cloud provider.

With this challenge in mind and to further aid OCI customers on their FinOps journey, we’re excited to announce that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is integrated with Apptio’s Cloudability platform. This integration enables multicloud OCI customers to use a single pane of glass to manage their costs across multiple cloud service providers, while taking advantage of the monitoring, analysis, and optimization capabilities offered by Cloudability.

Key capabilities delivered to OCI customers

With the OCI and Apptio Cloudability integration, you get the following capabilities:

  • Build custom dashboard reports that provide a quick insight into your OCI consumption following the same graph formats you use for your Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) reports.
  • Use TrueCost Explorer to visualize billing data and answer questions on how usage translates into costs

    A screenshot showing Apptio TrueCost Explorer
  • View coverage for all tags and account groups using the Tag Explorer capability.
  • Create custom tag and label mappings to Cloudability dimensions for effectively chunking data.
  • Create custom business mappings to create crosscharging reports and understand spending by department at a more granular level.
  • Create budgets to monitor consumption and forecast consumption against these budgets based on current trends.

Apptio Current Month Budget and Forecast

  • Right-sizing recommendations and workload planning coming soon.


Apptio and Oracle working together

“Oracle has been adding more services and increasing its market presence at a rapid rate, so it’s no surprise that our customers have pushed for more access to OCI within the Cloudability platform,” said Eugene Khvostov, chief product officer at Apptio. “Almost every cloud journey is becoming a multicloud journey, so this integration empowers multicloud users more than ever, giving them the ability to manage and plan costs easily and effectively to drive investment decisions across their cloud platforms.”

“Enabling multicloud customers to easily manage their cloud costs with multiple providers is key,” said Chris Sullivan, VP of strategic partnerships at Oracle. “Now, with Apptio Cloudability product suite, OCI customers can easily gain visibility and optimize infrastructure costs across on-premises deployments and cloud service providers, helping them make more informed cloud investments and migration decisions. It will be obvious that customers can achieve better performance at a significantly lower cost with OCI.”

“We have a strategic investment in OCI and as we migrate specific workloads there, it’s increasingly important to push cost visibility out to our delivery teams,” said Nick Nocerino, senior director of cloud engineering at Cigna. “Integrating OCI costs into Cloudability enables us to do that. Being able to analyze these charges with other cloud spend can help us quickly identify spending drivers and make faster decisions around our cloud investments. The business mapping capability is already helping us allocate these charges back to the business, which is crucial for holding our teams financially accountable.”


With Apptio Cloudability integration, OCI furthers our mission to ensure that our customers can manage and govern their cloud spend and expend resources optimally. Stop by the Apptio booth at Oracle CloudWorld to speak with one of the solution engineers to learn how you can manage OCI cloud spending and get a demo. Also attend the joint Apptio-OCI sessions at Oracle CloudWorld and TBM Conference / CloudyCon 2023 to learn more about the key capabilities delivered to OCI customers.

For more information, see the following resources:


Ramesh Venkat

Principal Product Manager

Experienced product manager at both large and startup firms where he managed the entire product lifecycle, integrating customer and market requirements into products, enabling the sales force, and working closely with strategic technology partners. Currently, he manages Strategic partnerships in Backup, DR, Storage, and Cloud cost management domains

Arun Ramakrishnan

Senior Principal Product Manager

I am a part of the OCI Commercial Systems Product Team. I have an extensive background of solving customer problems with delightful technical solutions.

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