OCI IAM Identity Domains Demos

February 17, 2022 | 1 minute read
Sunil Joshi
Solution Architect
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Oracle has merged Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (OCI IAM) into a single, unified cloud service that brings all of IDCS’ advanced identity and access management features natively into the OCI IAM service. This unified IAM service is branded as OCI IAM and each service instance is managed as identity domains in the OCI console.

In this blog post I will be sharing two demos, the first is an introduction to identity domains and the second is a detailed look at changes being applied to the administration console.

Introduction to Identity Domains

In the following demonstration, you will learn what an identity domain is, how to create domains, and some of the use cases for creating multiple domains.

OCI IAM Identity Domains - Console Changes

In this demo, you will learn about how the introduction of identity domains impacts the administration experience with a side by side comparison showing the current and previous OCI IAM console experience. You will also learn about IDCS objects and configurations that are now managed under identity domains providing a simple, easy to use console experience.

Learn More about OCI IAM identity domains:

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Sunil Joshi

Solution Architect

Sunil Joshi is a Solution Architect for Oracle OCI Identity & Access Management (IAM). Sunil has a global experience of 15+ years in consulting, software product development and product management and has been working in identity and access management domain since 2011. He has worked on various Oracle products (Enterprise Manager (EM), Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) and Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM)) as a developer and as a product manager in the past, and has patent to his name. He joined Oracle OCI IAM product management team as a Solution Architect in Nov 2020.

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