Announcing OCI FastConnect 400G direct connections

February 29, 2024 | 2 minute read
Misha Kasvin
Principal Solutions Architect, OCI Networking Services
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Today, we’re pleased to announce the general availability of 400G ports for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) FastConnect direct connections in all commercial regions. 400G FastConnect speeds are available for all FastConnect direct use cases, including colocation in the same data center as a FastConnect location or using a third-party provider of your choice to connect your on-premises network directly to OCI.

What are FastConnect direct connections?

FastConnect direct connections encompass several FastConnect connectivity models, which allow you to configure direct cross connects to OCI FastConnect edge devices. With FastConnect direct connections, you can reserve cross connect speeds of 1G, 10G, 100G, and now 400G for your tenancy, enabling you to establish direct connectivity from your network edge to the OCI FastConnect edge devices. The result is a connection completely dedicated to your cloud environment, allowing you to take advantage of the full port capacity and enabling additional FastConnect technologies, such as link aggregation of multiple cross connects or MACsec for line-rate encryption.

With FastConnect direct connections, you can ensure resilience for your FastConnect connections by provisioning redundant cross connects to different FastConnect edge devices in the same FastConnect location or across multiple FastConnect locations for maximum diversity.

Benefits of 400G FastConnect

OCI FastConnect 400G connections boost network capacity and throughput for data intensive applications. With 400G, you can achieve four-times higher bandwidth with lower operational overhead compared to 100G without the extra requirement of managing multiple links using equal-cost multipath routing (ECMP) or link aggregation. This results in efficient use of your available bandwidth, particularly for high-bandwidth use cases, such as artificial intelligence (AI) large language models (LLMs) or AI simulation. These use cases can require multiple terabits per second to transfer large volumes of data to hydrate and train these models. Other use cases that can require high bandwidth are machine learning (ML), ultra HD video streaming, and cloud storage.

If you require greater than 400G of bandwidth, you can create a link aggregation group of multiple 400G cross connects or use ECMP across up to eight virtual circuits spanning different 400G cross connects.

Want to know more?

FastConnect 400G direct cross connects are available in all OCI commercial regions and support all virtual circuit types, such as private and public peering. Contact us for specific OCI region availability.

For more detailed information about FastConnect, refer to the FastConnect overview and FastConnect documentation. If you want more information on FastConnect direct connectivity options and how to connect, see FastConnect: Colocation with Oracle and FastConnect: With a Third-Party Provider.

We encourage you to read more about FastConnect and provide any feedback you have.

Misha Kasvin

Principal Solutions Architect, OCI Networking Services

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