Improving deliverability with OCI Email Delivery one-click unsubscribe

June 17, 2024 | 3 minute read
Allan Yeung
Principal Product Manager
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We’re excited to announce support for one-click unsubscribe for emails sent with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Email Delivery.  Now, email recipients of your high-volume marketing or transactional email campaigns can opt out of unwanted messages with a single selection in the email inbox. They’re immediately unsubscribed without any extra action, such as website login or replying, which is better than marking your message as spam!

This feature helps you stay compliant with modern email industry requirements for sender reputation and delivers a better customer experience as mandated by the largest inbox providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and Apple Mail. Your suppression lists are updated to maintain list cleanliness for future campaigns, which raises your sending reputation and ultimately improves your ability to better reach customers. 

What is the one-click unsubscribe requirement?

Last year, both Gmail and Yahoo Mail introduced three requirements to help keep inboxes safer and free of unwanted email. As an email sender, you must configure authentication for emails, keep spam rates below 0.30%, and your bulk emails must support the standard to allow one-click to unsubscribe. 

OCI Email Delivery has implemented the open standard for one-click unsubscribe, where our service adds a header field to emails that we send on your behalf. This header allows an inbox recipient to unsubscribe directly from an email inbox using the unsubscribe link adjacent to the sender email. If you have already added the list-unsubscribe header field to your emails, OCI Email Delivery leaves it unchanged so you can manage your own unsubscribe requests.

When the user clicks the unsubscribe link, the unsubscribe event is searchable in the email domain search logs, the email address is added to your recipient suppression list, and you can view the count of emails suppressed in your Email Delivery service metrics dashboard.

Authenticate your email and keep spam rates low

With one-click unsubscribe, you must take another action to authenticate your email and reduce the percentage of your email marked as spam. 

Using the Oracle Cloud Console, authenticate your emails by completing the following configurations. These settings work together to help keep your email sending secure.

Keep spam rates below 0.30% by reviewing our deliverability best practices and managing the cleanliness of your subscription list, which can improve your email sending reputation by lowering bounce and complaint rates and keeping you off the email block lists of inbox providers.

View your metrics today

With this release, you have two new capabilities. First, you can view the following list-unsubscribe metrics in the OCI Email Deliverability dashboard.

Email Deliverability and Reputation Governance Dashboard in the Oracle Cloud Console
Figure 1: Unsubscribes in the OCI Email Deliverability and Reputation Governance dashboard

Second, your OutboundRelayed logs include a new type of recordaction = “unsubscribe”for all list-unsubscribe requests received from recipients. If you don’t yet have OutboundRelayed logging enabled, we highly recommend this practice, so you have full insight into your email delivery and engagement activity.

Get started with Email Delivery today

To learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery, see the following resources:

Allan Yeung

Principal Product Manager

Product Manager on the OCI Developer Platform team, focusing on Messaging, API Gateway, and API Management products

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