OCI Console Support Center introduces a new feature and improved support experience

September 27, 2022 | 2 minute read
Yana Rogach
Senior Program Manager
Andre Teixeira
Senior Principal Technical Program Manager
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is committed to providing a premium support experience. Last year, we announced the launch of OCI Support Center, allowing customers to engage with OCI support teams from within the Oracle Cloud Console. To further simplify the support process, customers can now attach files to support requests. With this new attachment capability, you can easily submit documentation beneficial to describing and diagnosing the issue.

What is the OCI Console Support Center?

The Oracle Cloud Console is a simple and intuitive web-based interface that you can use to access and manage Oracle Cloud resources. The Console is available to all OCI users, including customers using Always Free cloud services.

Available through your sign-in to Oracle Cloud Console, the Support Center is a great place for you to get started with technical or billing questions. With the integration of the Support Center into the Console, you now have access to everything related to support in one location. With a single click, you can access resources to the following features:

  • Chat with Support: Get live help from one of our digital assistants or a representative.

  • Create and manage support requests: Submit your requests by creating a ticket and tracking its progress.

  • Connect with Console community forums: See more topics and questions that other OCI customers have.

  • Access information: Get access to important documentation, such as networking documents, that can help you troubleshoot and resolve issues in your tenancy.

Announcing new support for attachments

The Support Center is a go-to tool for many OCI customers needing support. With the Attachment feature, you can now help support your requests by easily adding screenshots or other documents.

To access the Attachment feature, open the Support Center by clicking the life raft or the ? icon, locate your ticket, open the Attachments page, and select Upload File.

Oracle Cloud Console Screenshot


Stay tuned as we continue to enhance the Oracle Cloud Console and Support Center capabilities! We encourage you to sign up for the Oracle Cloud Free Tier or sign in to your account to experience the new attachment feature.

Yana Rogach

Senior Program Manager

Andre Teixeira

Senior Principal Technical Program Manager

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