OCI Cloud Advisor: Recommendation logic explained plus new cost savings recommendation

April 5, 2022 | 3 minute read
Dipti Ranjan Sahoo
Principal Product Manager
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Change to burstable instance recommendations

We’re happy to announce that Cloud Advisor users can now see new types of compute recommendations, called change to burstable recommendation, in the cost management category. When Cloud Advisor determines that E3 Compute instances are consistently underutilized with occasional spikes in usage, it recommends that you convert the Compute instance to a burstable instance. A burstable instance is a virtual machine (VM) instance that provides a baseline level of CPU performance with the ability to burst to a higher level to support occasional spikes in usage. Because burstable instances cost less, you can save money without sacrificing performance by changing the standard instances to burstable instances.

A screenshot of the Recommendations page in the Cloud Advisor section of the Oracle Cloud Console.

A screenshot of the Change compute instances to burstable page in the Console with explanations shown.

Recommendation logic explained

In the past, users have asked about how Cloud Advisor generates different recommendations. Cloud Advisor now shows the links to specific technical content explaining the underlying logic, metrics, and evaluation criteria that Cloud Advisor uses to generate the recommendations. The detailed explanation of each recommendation helps answer any questions regarding datapoints and factors considered by Cloud Advisor.

A screenshot of the Change compute instances to burstable page with the links for explanations outlined in purple.A screenshot of the menu for Categories and Recommemdations expanded.


We envision a future where our customers can drive a robust and sustained cloud optimization campaign by using Cloud Advisor. To achieve that goal, we’re continuously improving the Cloud Advisor by adding new recommendations and improving the user experience so that our customers can implement OCI cloud best practices easily, realize tangible benefits, and report the outcome to their organization. For example, in the last product update Cloud Advisor supported two more categories of recommendations to help our customers avoid performance bottlenecks and improve application availability, and supported features to filter recommendations and customize how the recommendations are generated and shown. Now, Cloud Advisor supports yet another cost savings recommendation for Compute and provides detailed explanations for all the recommendations shown.

These improvements can enable our users to be more successful in maintaining more efficient, available, and performance-optimized cloud assets. To learn more about burstable instances and the recommendations, and the improved recommendations logic, see the following resources:

Dipti Ranjan Sahoo

Principal Product Manager

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