Explore AI and ML courses and other new OCI 2023 certifications!

November 15, 2023 | 3 minute read
Anuradha Chepuri
Consulting User Assistance Developer, Oracle
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This blog post helps you get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and progress toward artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). For beginners, we recommend starting with the Oracle Cloud Overview and the OCI Foundation Associates 2023 certification to embark on the OCI journey. And these courses are free! All the images in this post link to the certification that the section discusses.

Oracle Cloud Overview

Do you want to get started with OCI? Complete this beginner’s learning path to Oracle Cloud Overview, which discusses cloud computing and Oracle’s cloud solutions, including OCI and Oracle Cloud applications. Learn the essentials in OCI to delve further into the OCI architecture and then proceed to the advanced foundation associate courses.

Oracle Cloud Overview course

OCI foundations associate

This course provides the foundational knowledge of OCI services, including several demos, skill sets, and preparatory exams that help you prepare for the OCI foundations associates certification. Prepare, complete the course, and earn the foundation associate badge.

OCI foundation associate learning course

Oracle Cloud Data Management foundations associate

Complete this data management learning path to get insight into the Oracle’s data management strategies along with a complete solution for modern application development and data transformations. The following image links to the learning path so you can enroll and earn the Oracle Cloud Data Management 2023 foundations associate badge!

Oracle Cloud Data Management foundations associate learning course

OCI AI foundations associate (2023)

Explore the fundamental concepts of AI and ML in the Become An OCI AI Foundations Associate (2023) course. If you want to learn about common AI terminology, including ML, deep learning, data science, or neural networks, OCI AI services and AI infrastructure, generative AI basics including large language models (LLM), generative adversarial network (GAN), and transformers, and get introduced to some of the AI and ML best practice, then this course is an excellent starting point.

Introduce yourself to the AI concepts and earn the OCI 2023 AI foundations associate certification and badge!

OCI AI foundations associate learning course

Oracle Machine Learning associate using Autonomous Database (2023)

Oracle Machine Learning is a key to solve enterprise business problems. It accelerates the development and deployment of data science and machine learning-based solutions using scalable, automated, and secure machine learning for model building, evaluation, and deployment.

This learning path introduces you to the Oracle Machine Learning components and features available on Oracle Autonomous Database.

Oracle Machine Learning associate using Autonomous Database (2023) learning course


These free Oracle certifications provide a valuable opportunity for you and your organizations to demonstrate your expertise and proficiency in using OCI technologies. With beginner-level certifications available, such as the Oracle Cloud Overview and OCI foundations associate, you can begin your journey towards AI and ML.

The certifications offer a competitive edge in the job market and help you stay up to date with the latest advancements in cloud technology. Whether you’re a developer, architect, or just starting out, these certifications are a great investment in your future and can lead to exciting new career opportunities.

Anuradha Chepuri

Consulting User Assistance Developer, Oracle

As a Consulting User Assistance (UA) Developer, I'm responsible for developing all the UA Assets for Oracle Database products.

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