Migrating Microsoft SQL Server database on OCI to Oracle Database with Oracle SQL Developer

August 29, 2023 | 3 minute read
Mukund Bhashkar
Senior Cloud Engineer
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Oracle SQL Developer is a free, integrated development environment that simplifies the development and management of Oracle Database in both traditional and cloud deployments. At some point, you might encounter a project or client requires you to access Microsoft SQL Server from your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Windows virtual machine (VM) or your own desktop.

If you’re new to using Microsoft SQL on OCI, we provide a blog series that teaches you to about the exciting technical offerings that Oracle provides. If you plan to bring your Microsoft SQL servers to OCI, you can start learning more in this blog post. We also have a QuickStart tutorial, Connect to Microsoft SQL Server database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using Oracle SQL Developer.

Before we cover the capabilities of the primary tool, Oracle SQL developer, while accessing the Microsoft SQL Server database, let’s understand the major specifications of Oracle SQL Developer.

Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer is one of the native tools that Oracle offers to manage Oracle databases on a single platform. It offers complete end-to-end development of PL/SQL applications, processing of all types of queries, data modelling, and migration of third party databases to Oracle. To learn more, see SQL Developer.

If you’re a PL/SQL or SQL Developer, this tool is for you. Developers can run all kinds of complex select queries, views, and stored procedures to complete their day-to-day job. An admin user can create, truncate, drop tables, and create stored procedures and views on this tool.

A screenshot of the Oracle SQL Developer query builder test creation window.

If you’re looking to collate metadata of the tables, this tool enables you to accomplish tasks easily.

A screenshot of the Oracle SQL Developer schema on the department tab.

If you want to export the metadata of any table, SQL Developer can also help you with that.

A screenshot of the Oracle SQL Developer schema with the options to export and copy to Oracle outlined in red.

You can migrate tables with data from Microsoft SQL Server to an Oracle database connected on the same Oracle SQL Developer using the following guide. Oracle uses this method to bring important value to multienvironment database support.

A screenshot of the Oracle SQL Developer schema showing the Copy To Oracle window.


You can utilize Oracle SQL Developer for many purposes on OCI in the realm of Microsoft SQL Server databases. For Microsoft SQL Server databases, you can accomplish multiple tasks, including connecting to Microsoft SQL Server databases, writing and running SQL queries, and migrating Microsoft SQL Server tables to an Oracle database with a few keystrokes. Begin your journey with OCI with a Free Trial.

Stay tuned for our next blog for SQL Server on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Mukund Bhashkar

Senior Cloud Engineer

Mukund Bhashkar is Senior Cloud Engineer at Oracle with an overall 10+ years of Industry experience. The core technologies Mukund works are, Oracle Database, Oracle Warehouse, Oracle Modern Data platform, Lakehouse and multi-cloud data platform.

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