Announcing log metadata optimization and service log support expansion in OCI Logging

September 15, 2023 | 3 minute read
Harsh Keswani
Senior Product Manager
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In this blog post, I want to bring to your attention a few notable enhancements in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Logging service for our DevOps customers that excite me: Log metadata optimization and expanded service log support. OCI Logging is a highly scalable and fully managed logging platform that allows you to seamlessly ingest, analyze, and act on all your log data in one unified experience. To learn more about OCI Logging, see Announcing the general availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Logging.

Log metadata optimization

We’ve optimized the metadata that the log-line stores and as a result the service now only stores 100 bytes of metadata per log line. The metadata stored on the log line level are “id” and “time,” which helps the tool individually identify log lines after ingestion. This optimization resulted in more savings because of reduced storage required to store log data for our customers who use custom logs.

The good news is no further action is required to see the benefits of this feature. Most of the log metadata is now stored at the per-request level instead of the per-log line level. One log request can have thousands of log lines. To learn more about the custom log metadata, check out the documentation.

Service log support expansion

We’ve also been expanding the number of service logs offered by the Logging service. OCI offers service logs to give visibility into the inner workings of the service. You can opt into receiving service logs with a one-click enablement process, which you can act on by going into the respective service or from the navigation menu in the Oracle Cloud Console, select OCI Logging, Logs, and Enable service log.

A screenshot of the Enable Service Log one-click enablement process in the Oracle Cloud Console.

The service now offers 21 service logs, including the following examples:

To learn more about these service logs or the complete list of supported service logs, see Service Log Reference

Get started today!

Access OCI Logging under Observability and Management in the Oracle Cloud Console menu. Logging is available through the Console, software developer kit (SDK), CLI, REST API, and Terraform. It’s accessible in all commercial regions, with Government regions coming soon. For more details, see the Logging documentation and FAQ.

We also encourage you to learn about Service Connector Hub, which allows you to move and take action on your logs. To try Service Connector Hub and Logging services for yourself, sign up for the Oracle Cloud Free Tier or sign in to your account.

Harsh Keswani

Senior Product Manager

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