Empowering your cloud journey with the latest OCI Cloud Adoption Framework

October 23, 2023 | 5 minute read
Neeraj Tyagi
Principal Product Solution Engineer
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Starting a journey into the cloud can often be met with mixed feelings. While some might find it exciting and full of possibilities, others can see it as a complex and daunting endeavour. However, it's essential to remember that the cloud represents a remarkable opportunity for growth and transformation.

At Oracle, we understand the varying sentiments that come with cloud adoption. We recognize that navigating this digital transformation can be challenging, which is why we are proud to introduce the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). This framework is more than just a guide; it's your trusted companion on this exciting journey.

Our unique approach does more than show you the path; it leads you every step of the way. Our goal is clear: Not only to make cloud success attainable, but to exceed your expectations and provide unwavering support throughout the entire process.

With OCI CAF, you're joining a community that’s passionate about helping you thrive in the cloud. Together, we help you to unlock new possibilities, achieve remarkable results, and make your cloud journey an experience filled with confidence and success. OCI CAF has the following pillars that provide a solid foundation to support your cloud onboarding journey, helping lead you to a smooth transition into the cloud era:

Accelerate your learning with Oracle University OCI CAF Essentials

To help you get started with OCI CAF, we're thrilled to introduce the Oracle University OCI CAF Essentials course. This curated program offers a swift yet comprehensive understanding of the CAF framework, all under the guidance of our proficient experts to enhance your knowledge and understanding on OCI CAF. At the end of the course, you can test your comprehension of OCI CAF and earn a badge as a testament to your achievement.

A screenshot of the Cloud Adoption Framework and Essentials assessment.
Figure 1: Cloud Adoption Framework and Essentials course on Oracle University

Enhanced process design for optimal collaboration

In our commitment to continually improve OCI CAF, we have also released an update that strengthens the collaboration between business and IT. Our prescriptive, step-by-step guide within the Process Design pillar provides harmonization between different departments and operations. This guidance is divided into the following key parts:

  • Enterprise architecture: Focused on driving cloud adoption initiatives, primarily led by enterprise architects, enterprise architect teams, or cloud solution architects.
  • Governance: Emphasizes policies, processes, and practices to ensure transparent management and control of cloud technology assets and resources.
  • Risk and compliance: Addresses policies, procedures, and practices to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with cloud technologies while maintaining compliance with industry standards.

Optimize your cloud architecture decisions

Making informed decisions about your cloud architecture is crucial. So, OCI CAF now offers enterprise scenarios for design and implementation” within the Technology Implementation pillar. This resource assists you in selecting the most suitable technology from OCI cloud native offerings. Though cloud native approaches are often the best choice, in some examples, an initial lift-and-shift approach is preferable. Regardless of your choice, you have many opportunities to optimize your cloud investments.

Enterprise ready architecture provides a comprehensive framework to optimize your cloud usage. It offers different levers to help you scale your workloads to support varying load demands. You can choose the right knobs to tweak and help make your systems meet your desired uptime goals. The set of resiliency recommendations can help you achieve the best of all worlds. Cost plays a major role in any investment, and it’s important to measure, track, and control expenditure. Security is the utmost priority and a non-negotiable aspect of any workload. The recommendations within OCI CAF are crafted to help deal with cyber threats, data breaches, and compliance requirements. Operations and monitoring play a vital role in improving cloud automation for monitoring, provisioning, and patching. 

Effortless setup with industry-proven security and governance

As you adopt OCI, we make it easy for you to set up environments with industry best practice on security and governance implementations through the OCI CAF landing zone. You can quickly deploy a landing zone from the Oracle Cloud Console to kickstart your journey and expand it as needed. If you want to customize it further, the source code is available on GitHub to align with your organization’s compliance and security standards.

High availability and disaster recovery at your fingertips

High availability and disaster recovery are paramount for critical workloads. OCI CAF offers an array of scenarios to help you make the right decisions, striking the perfect balance between recovery time Objective (RTO) and total cost of ownership (TCO). Tailor your architecture to your specific needs, considering factors such as suitable databases, compute resources, and networking requirements for high availability. Disaster recovery options enable you to choose from restore-from-backup, warm standby, or active-active implementations. As a critical component, databases have their unique challenges, which we address following the Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

An architecture for high availability and disaster recovery
Figure 2: Architecture for high availability and disaster recovery 

Stay ahead with regular OCI CAF updates

OCI is committed to enhancing its services and offerings, and OCI CAF evolves in tandem with Oracle customers' needs and the ever-changing technology landscape. We invite you to explore more Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CAF updates and share your valuable feedback. Have specific scenarios or use cases in mind? Don't hesitate to reach out. We're eager to consider your requests as we move forward together in this exciting cloud journey.

Stay tuned for more innovations, and let's shape the future of cloud technology together.

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Neeraj Tyagi

Principal Product Solution Engineer

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