Keeping you safe with Oracle Database in the cloud

August 15, 2023 | 4 minute read
Gloria Lee
Outbound Product Manager for Autonomous Database Dedicated (ADB-D)
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According to Statista, the average cost of a data breach in the US, including both large and small companies, is $9.44M—more than twice the global average of $4.35M, not including the reputation lost. According to Verizon’s 2023 data breach report, 74% of breaches involve a human element, which includes social engineering attacks, errors, or misuse. Employee errors from fatigue, lack of automation, or bad practices can compromise your security. An effective way to counter these issues is to minimize human interaction with systems. Let’s see how Oracle can help reduce human errors by looking at security across Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and Oracle Autonomous Database.

Oracle Database security

Oracle has been a leader in database technology for more than forty years. Oracle Database provides multilayered security including controls to evaluate risks, prevent unauthorized data disclosure, detect, report on database activities, and enforce data access controls in the database with data-driven security, all within the database.

Oracle’s database security solutions create layers of protection to help mitigate risk and defend against threats. Organizations can help minimize the risk of a data breach and simplify compliance with database security solutions that are automated, always-on, and architected-in. Learn more about the different database features, options, and products that go into helping keep your database secure here.

Analysts also recognize Oracle’s database security. We were again named one of the overall leaders the 2023 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Database and Big Data Security. We scored strongly positive in all categories: Security, functionality, deployment, interoperability, usability, innovativeness, market position, financial strength, and ecosystem.

OCI security

By moving Oracle Database to the cloud, customers have fewer components to manage in the database stack, reducing the human element in security. Oracle’s security-first design philosophy takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity that underpins everything we do. This commitment to data security and integrity is one of the reasons why many of the top organizations in the world trust Oracle with their data in the cloud.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is built with layers of security that are architected to help protect an organization’s most sensitive and valuable data. A combination of features and secure-by-design initiatives help provide automated security with OCI’s built-in security services that provide customer isolation, identity management, authorization, data encryption, vulnerability detection, monitoring, and more. By adopting cloud technologies that require minimal human intervention, organizations can encounter fewer errors and optimize their resource management, while also benefiting from optimal performance and scalability.

Oracle security services and features help organizations operate securely and with confidence. Our security-first cloud service helps organizations reduce the risk of security threats for cloud workloads by putting customer data security and privacy first. We automate security operations with simple, prescriptive and integrate cloud native security capabilities, built into the OCI platform. To learn more about Oracle’s security practices, see Oracle Corporate Security Practices.

Oracle Autonomous Database security

To reduce the element of human error further, Oracle developed Autonomous Database. You take Oracle Database 19c and run it on Exadata, which is one of the world’s most optimized platform for running an Oracle database. Then, you add AI capabilities and Oracle best practices, which allow Autonomous Database to make decisions on how to optimize performance, security, resource efficiency, availability, and other aspects of the database. Simple on the outside, complex beneath. Autonomous Database changes data management, just like the cloud changed IT infrastructure.

Autonomous Database uses machine learning to automate database tuning, security, backups, updates, and other routine management tasks traditionally performed by Database Administrators. Unlike a conventional database, Autonomous Database performs all these tasks and more without human intervention. It is self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing to help DBAs stay ahead of security threats.

Oracle Autonomous Database can help protect your data because it’s always and automatically encrypted. It applies security updates, automatically while your system is running with no downtime, one of the reasons why Oracle provides 99.995%% SLA. Autonomous Database takes it a step further because Oracle performs the monitoring and tuning. Another thing you don’t have to worry about!

Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated security

When you run Autonomous Database on dedicated infrastructure, you’re getting the highest performing version of the Autonomous Database. You get complete isolation from other Oracle customers. Plus, Oracle Operator Access Control ensures the user accounts that OCI operations and support staff use to monitor and analyze the performance cannot access customer data in Autonomous Database. These unique security controls restrict access to application data by privileged database users, helping reduce the risk of unauthorized access and address common compliance requirements.

Get started today

The human element causes 74% of data security breaches. Let the built-in security of Oracle databases and OCI help you secure your data. From Oracle Database to OCI, Oracle offers security at every level to protect your valuable data. Keep your organization protected with Oracle Autonomous Database on OCI.

Why not try it out and see why Autonomous Database Dedicated on OCI helps secure the Ultimate Cloud Database. Test Autonomous Database Dedicated with Oracle LiveLabs, a way for you to get hands-on experience and build your technical skills. When you feel ready to explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, get unlimited services like Autonomous Database with the Always Free Tier.

Gloria Lee

Outbound Product Manager for Autonomous Database Dedicated (ADB-D)

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