Introducing new Oracle Cloud VMware Solution pricing options for customers seeking maximum flexibility

April 15, 2021 | 2 minute read
John Lindblom
Principal Product Manager
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We’re excited to announce new pricing options for customers looking to optimize the cost of implementing Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. You now have the choice of deploying infrastructure with the flexibility to consume VMware on your terms. New discounted prices are available for a one-year or three-year commitment, and a new hourly rate is available with no further commitment. The monthly option is unchanged.

This new pricing is available now in all 27 OCI regions where Oracle Cloud VMware Solution can be deployed. You can find specific pricing for each option on the OCVS pricing page.

More flexibility for your needs

Whether planning a data center migration, a hardware refresh, or expanding your enterprise IT infrastructure, you can choose the pricing option to address your need. This level of flexibility allows provisioning of vSphere hosts based on workload, use case, and length of time that resources are used, and not just as part of a block of allocated infrastructure.

After deployment, you can mix and match pricing intervals when adding hosts to a cluster. For example, you can deploy a base three-node cluster for a discounted rate with a one-year commitment and then add most hosts to the cluster at an hourly or monthly rate. This feature allows you to burst capacity when needed and not pay for a full year of commitment.

A graphic depicting an architecture connecting a customer data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with vMotion over FastConnect.

Many customers can utilize the hourly pricing option for short-term scenarios, such as deploying temporary infrastructure for a disaster recovery exercise, a development and test project, or a proof-of-concept environment. The hourly commitment allows you to deploy, run, and shut down your workloads for the duration that meets your needs and optimizes your costs.

Enterprises also continue to operate vast VMware estates that support their mission-critical business functions. These production applications must maintain enterprise availability and performance requirements over time. The new pricing options allow you to deploy, migrate, and manage these workloads over a one- and three-year commitment at discounted pricing rates.

These pricing options complement the existing models of deployment, management, and security inherent to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. You continue to have full access and control over your VMware infrastructure, using your existing processes and procedures, and integrating the cloud-based environment into your enterprise IT ecosystem.

Learn more

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution continues to build momentum in the market with new supported versions, compliance designations, and upcoming events. For more information about the new pricing, reach out to your Oracle sales team.

John Lindblom

Principal Product Manager

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