Accenture empowers diversity and inclusion by innovating on OCI

July 28, 2022 | 4 minute read
Mohid Farazi
Director - Product Management
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Diversity numbers in the US workforce remain uneven. McKinsey reports that only 21% of C-suite roles are held by women, 8% by women of color, and 14% by men of color.  According to Accenture’s report, two-thirds (68%) of leaders feel they are creating empowering environment but just one-third (36%) of employees agree. This gap in diversity hinders business growth, competitiveness, and innovation. In this blog we will talk about Accenture's innovative tool called, AWARE, Accenture Workplace Accountability Resource Experience, which addresses ID&E challenges and works to drive a profound impact.   

Diversity in Public Sector 
Women accounts for only 27% of the federal tech workforce according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s report. The US Public Sector is active in addressing diversity concerns in their workforce. State and Federal agencies are taking measures to improve diversity and inclusion. On June 25, 2021 President Biden issued an Executive Order which mandated the adoption of broad measures to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the federal workforce. Based on this Harvard Law report, several states have initiated or are poised to enact requirements to enhance diversity on corporate boards.   

What is AWARE?  
To address the ongoing diversity gaps, Accenture developed an innovative solution called AWARE, a comprehensive solution for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E). AWARE was designed by Accenture born from a deep partnership that is powered by Oracle Cloud technology. It is able to integrate with multiple HCM systems (including Oracle HCM), ERP systems, and external data sources like US Census and Bureau of Labor & Statistics. AWARE provides insights across different areas including Core HR, Compensation, Attrition, Recruiting, Disability, Veterans, and more. The solution offers more than 300 different metrics and over 80 customizable dashboards. It includes Discovery, Comparative, and Predictive Analytics powered by Oracle Analytic Cloud and other Oracle technologies. View a sample dashboard below which shows the ethnicity breakdown for total employees, managers vs. non-managers, with enhanced capability to filter by department or business area.  

AWARE Dashboard
AWARE Dashboard

Use AWARE because diversity matters 
ID&E has a causal relation with innovation and financial returns. Research suggests that diverse workforces perform better financially and companies who lead in racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to realize above average financial returns. According to Harvard Business Review, inclusion is what actually fosters innovation by creating critical connections that encourage participation. With AWARE, organizations can instantly see their current ID&E breakdowns, set goals, and forecast results. It promotes accountability and informs on an organization’s ID&E maturity.  

Why Accenture built AWARE on Oracle Cloud 
Many organizations are moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to take advantage of its performance, security, and price. Others are developing innovative solutions on OCI. Accenture chose OCI as their cloud service provider launching platform for their AWARE solution because OCI includes Oracle Analytics Cloud to do it core analytics and visualization, Oracle Autonomous Database for hosting data, and Oracle Data Science cloud for advanced analytics. OCI is the best cloud solution that offers Accenture predictable performance at scale.  

“We understood quickly the value of OCI, and how it enables us to leverage a robust technical architecture in which to quickly develop, extend, and deploy AWARE at scale.”  -Accenture AWARE Team 

AWARE on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Innovate Faster on OCI 
Oracle offers a comprehensive cloud solution with more than 80 services, over 39 regions , and expanding compliance structure with deep strategic partnerships. OCI customers can leverage Serverless, Infrastructure as Code and Containerization to optimize DevOps and create modern capabilities using Artificial Intelligence and Analytics services. Gartner recently reported significant increase in OCI’s solution scorecard for both IaaS and PaaS.   

OCI Services
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Use Accenture’s AWARE to manage your ID&E goals and performance. To learn more about AWARE watch an on-demand webinar by Accenture and Oracle team. For more questions on AWARE please reach out to Accenture’s AWARE team here. To start your innovative journey with OCI, try it today for free.  

Mohid Farazi

Director - Product Management

Mohid Farazi is the Director of Product Management at Oracle Corporation. He is responsible for leading strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in Public Sector. Mohid has spent 15+ years in technology field with focus in cloud, security, AI/ML, and software development.

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