HEARTio achieves breakthrough in digital diagnostics

November 13, 2020 | 2 minute read
Justin Blau
Senior Technical Product Manager
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Medical professionals are tasked with making heavy life or death decisions as a core function of their job. When emergency situations related to the heart occur, they often have only moments to diagnose a patient before action is required. Seven million Americans per year rush to the emergency room with chest pain, putting immense pressure on our doctors.

HEARTio on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Full diagnostics for the origin of chest pain can take anywhere on the order of hours to weeks for a deterministic result. HEARTio is a digital diagnostic startup that detects problems in electrocardiograms (ECGs), the most common cardiac test, through artificial intelligence models. Their software dramatically improves turn-around time for results and produces more accurate results, all at a fraction of the cost.

HEARTio was introduced to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) through NVIDIA Inception and Oracle for Startups, which helps young companies control cloud costs, enabling them to deploy high-performance systems. Making full use of the NVIDIA Volta bare metal system in OCI, they use eight GPUs, running experiments simultaneously, to develop their models.

Recently they received breakthrough designation by the FDA, which is awarded to roughly 300 devices and recognizes truly novel advancements in systems that treat or diagnose life-threatening conditions. In record-breaking time, they can detect coronary artery disease with only a 10-second ECG reading.

Their plan for the next five years is to work with hospitals to provide doctors with the tools to address their patient’s condition within the first 5– 10 minutes of arriving in the emergency room. These tools reduce the analytical burden on medical professionals and expand access to critical cardiac care solutions.

Oracle is committed to helping HEARTio meet their growth challenges as they continue to succeed. If you’re a startup looking for affordable access to scalable, high-performance systems head over to Oracle for Startups to learn about the program and click Join Oracle for Startups to submit an application.

Justin Blau

Senior Technical Product Manager

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