Grow your network with Oracle at FinOps X Conference 2024

June 7, 2024 | 2 minute read
Ramesh Venkat
Principal Product Manager
Larry Wong
Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
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We’re quickly approaching the annual FinOps X conference, which will be held in San Diego from June 19–22. Join us for in-depth discussions on FinOps best practices and learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is empowering the FinOps community with native tools and integrated solutions from our partners.

Over the past year, OCI has expanded and enhanced our software investment advisory (SIA) practice to assist customers in adopting FinOps best practices and operating workloads efficiently in the cloud. OCI is a gold sponsor of this year’s conference, and our cloud experts will be onsite to meet with you throughout the week. Get in touch, and our FinOps professionals can schedule a meeting to share how Oracle helps manage and optimize costs and usage for your cloud workloads.

OCI at FinOps X

We have the following highlights from our recent announcements and news:

  • Announcing FOCUS support for OCI Cost Reports: FinOps Open Cost and Usage Specification (FOCUS) is a standard for cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) billing data developed by the FinOps Foundation. Cloud providers and SaaS vendors are starting to adopt this standard. OCI is proud to have contributed to the 1.0 version of the specification and to announce the general availability of supplemental cost reports in the FOCUS schema. The FOCUS spec makes it easier to merge multiple billing data sources and perform cross-cloud and cross-vendor analysis and cost reporting.
  • Control your costs and plan your usage with Resource Scheduler: Resource Scheduler in the OCI platform helps you manage resource consumption and costs effectively. It allows you to schedule the start and stop times for various resources, enabling you to manage their lifecycle across your entire tenancy. This feature helps you automatically pause and resume resources, saving costs especially for those that don’t require continuous uptime.
  • FinOps Hub: The FinOps Hub is a centralized interface for monitoring and managing cloud usage across all OCI resources. It offers a user-friendly experience that allows users to navigate through the FinOps phases (inform, optimize, and operate) to maximize the return on their cloud investment.
  • Usage statements: Provide access to monthly statements that display reconciled subscription usage for the previous month in XLSX format and receive automatic notifications when statements are generated.

See you at FinOps X

OCI remains committed to helping our customers make the right decisions around optimizing cloud spend and to address the most pressing cost management challenges of today and tomorrow. We’re anticipating yet another successful FinOps X conference, so connect with us and a FinOps expert will reach out to schedule a meeting during the conference!

Ramesh Venkat

Principal Product Manager

Experienced product manager at both large and startup firms where he managed the entire product lifecycle, integrating customer and market requirements into products, enabling the sales force, and working closely with strategic technology partners. Currently, he manages Strategic partnerships in Backup, DR, Storage, and Cloud cost management domains

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Larry Wong

Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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