Announcing the general availability of OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery

October 18, 2022 | 2 minute read
Greg King
Principal product manager for OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery
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We’re excited to announce the general availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Full Stack Disaster Recovery. This service is the first true disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution for OCI that provides comprehensive disaster recovery management for an entire application stack with a single click.

OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery service manages the transition of infrastructure, platforms, and applications between OCI regions from anywhere around the globe with a single click. Customers can deploy disaster recovery environments without redesigning or redeploying existing infrastructure, databases, or applications while eliminating the need for specialized management or conversion servers.

Accessing Full Stack Disaster Recovery

You can access Full Stack Disaster Recovery through the Oracle Cloud Console and find it under Migration & Disaster Recovery as “DR Protection Groups.” Everything about configuring, managing, and using Full Stack Disaster Recovery revolves around the concept of disaster recovery protection groups (DRPG), which is why we chose to use DRPG to identify our new service in the console.

A screenshot of the expanded menu in the Oracle Cloud Console with the Migrations & Disaster Recovery option outlined in orange and DR Protection Groups highlighted.


Full Stack Disaster Recovery is released for the OC1 commercial realm in the following regions:

  • Amsterdam

  • Ashburn

  • Frankfurt

  • London

  • Phoenix

We continue to roll out the service to all realms and regions within the next six to nine months.

Dive deeper

Full Stack Disaster Recovery is a flexible, highly extensible, and scalable DRaaS solution for cross-regional disaster recovery in OCI. The service is ideal for moving workloads between OCI regions for maintenance, rolling upgrades, blue and green deployments, and any number of other uses beyond disaster recovery.

Full Stack Disaster Recovery has the built-in intelligence needed to automatically create basic disaster recovery plans based solely on the virtual machines, storage volume groups and databases you’ve included in a DRPG. This feature is one of many that dramatically reduce the amount of effort and time spent configuring disaster recovery. 

Learn more about Full Stack Disaster Recovery in our User Guide. You may also be interested in trying out a hands-on Live Lab where you can learn how to create and customize a DR plan in a temporary OCI Tenancy of your own.

Accelerate your implementation of business continuity with a higher degree of reliability at a lower cost to implement, maintain, and use. Explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Full Stack Disaster Recovery today.

Greg King

Principal product manager for OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery

I have an extensive background in professional services, product management as well as production systems administration, specializing in networking, storage, storage networking, high availability, business continuity and mission critical computing 

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