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November 4, 2021 | 4 minute read
Mike Chen
Sr. Manager Digital Copywriter
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IT professionals can now further enhance their careers, and businesses can now raise their workforce’s skills with free IT certifications and training for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). With Oracle University’s Free OCI Training and Certification program, IT professionals can increase their knowledge and subsequent usage of OCI services, accelerating their career paths while gaining new and valuable cloud skills. Both organizations and individuals can benefit in the following ways:

  • Organizations: More companies than ever before are running their mission-critical workloads on OCI, creating high demand for more skilled and qualified IT professionals. Free OCI training and certification can help close this skills gap faced by companies today.

  • Individuals: For IT professionals freelancing or working as a small business, free OCI training and IT certification allows them to offer a greater breadth of cloud skills to their clients. As the business world accelerates the speed of cloud adoption, being “OCI skilled” lets IT professionals expand their portfolio of services, while enabling greater customer retention.

Through Oracle’s Free OCI Training and Certification program, IT professionals learn cutting-edge cloud technology skills through online learning designed to work with anyone’s schedule, pace, and role. Valuable cloud expertise can be gained at no cost—expertise that applies to any industry, creating a more robust set of services applied organizationally, while allowing people greater freedom for career movement. For people new to the IT industry, the program also enables professionals to quickly gain expertise, so they can climb industry ladders and develop innovative experience faster.

And for a limited time, the certification exams for selected courses are free until December 31, 2021 February 28, 2022 (extended)! The courses address the unique needs of IT professionals who want to explore all the possibilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. With courses ranging from automation to Kubernetes to architecting in OCI, there’s always something further to learn and master while adding new skills to an IT professional’s career portfolio. View the entire OCI course catalog.

Enhance your career with free IT certifications from Oracle

What’s involved with Oracle’s free IT training and certifications? Participants get the following access and benefits when they register:

  • Free access to selected training: Oracle’s entire digital training catalog includes courses for all levels and skillsets across a range of roles for IT professionals. All training is presented online for anytime, anywhere access worldwide in 13 languages.

  • A complete and thorough scope: The Free OCI Training and Certification program offers 500 hours of digital training and 15 exams for free.

  • Hands-on experience: With Oracle Cloud Free Tier, participants gain hands-on experience through labs that utilize a live environment. So, participants learn by doing, not just watching demos or reading guides.

  • Thorough and complete certification: Learners gain a complete end-to-end experience, starting with preparation courses and practice exams to testing and credentialing. The entire process was designed for simplicity and flexibility with modules that build upon one another, allowing all experience levels to get the most out of their learning.

  • Live teacher interaction: Oracle experts also host live sessions to cover best practices while engaging with participants for personalized feedback.

  • Future support: Learners also have access to career resources to help them advance within their current company or find new job opportunities.

How to register for free IT certifications

How do IT professionals unlock free Oracle certifications? You can get started in two easy steps. Visit Oracle’s education page to check out program details. From there, pick a learning path to get started. You can also visit the OCI Learning Subscription Center and view the catalog of free IT certification courses.

From there, you need to create an Oracle Single Sign-On account (SSO). If you already have one, you’re all set. Log in with your SSO, confirm the program’s terms and conditions, and start learning.

As a reminder, all courses are online and self-paced with available live sessions featuring Oracle experts. You’re free to pace yourself across each available course. We strongly recommend that you complete all available courses on a specific path before taking an exam.

When you complete a course, it’s time for the certification exam. Go to your learning path and register for your exam. While training itself is always free, OCI certification exams are free for a limited time (until December 31, 2021 February 28, 2022 (extended)). For more detailed guidance, see the step-by-step registration guide.

What others are saying about Oracle free IT certifications

The robust OCI certification programs have helped many IT professionals propel their careers forward. The following quotes are only a few success stories from a diverse range of IT professionals:

“No other training solution provider can offer a comparable product with the flexibility to learn exactly what we want, when, where and how we need it,” said Thomas Rumpf, manager of database systems at Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport. Read about how the Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport used Oracle’s training program.

“Cloud Learning Subscriptions are strategically important for us to be able to continue to deliver, advise, and support our customers for the best outcomes. Especially as they move to OCI,” said Marc Duclos, director of the Global Oracle and NetSuite Partnership at Vertex. Read about how Vertex used Oracle’s training program.

“I ran through all of the Level 100 videos before I even touched the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Console,” said Joe Malewicki, President, Oracle ACE, and OCI professional at iArch Solutions. “I found that seeing everything once before helped me to make a lot more efficient use of my practical time when I got my hands into it.” Read about more individual Oracle Certified Professionals who succeeded with Oracle Cloud Learning Subscriptions.


Whatever your background, industry, or experience, Oracle University’s IT certification program can give your career a boost. With convenient anywhere, anytime training accessibility in 13 different languages, it’s easy to get started now. To accelerate your career path, register today!

Mike Chen

Sr. Manager Digital Copywriter

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