FastConnect integration with Megaport Cloud Router

April 17, 2023 | 4 minute read
Misha Kasvin
Principal Solutions Architect, OCI Networking Services
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Oracle and Megaport have previously announced a FastConnect partner integrated workflow in the Oracle Cloud Console. This FastConnect integration allows customers to fully provision their FastConnect partner virtual circuits with Megaport, all from a single pane of glass in the Oracle Cloud Console without needing to switch between multiple web portals. This integration is available in all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) regions where Megaport is located as a FastConnect partner.

We’re returning to announce further enhancements to the FastConnect and Megaport integration, now with support for the Megaport Cloud Router. With the previously available Megaport port option, you can now select an existing Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) or create one for your FastConnect virtual circuit. All from the Console!

If you’re interested in using Megaport for multicloud use cases involving Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the third-party cloud, we’ve added further integration using existing Megaport Cloud Router functionality. When configuring your cloud router in the Oracle Cloud Console, you can now configure the Megaport side of the connection between the MCR and AWS, greatly simplifying configuration of the full end-to-end solution.

What is FastConnect?

OCI FastConnect allows customers to connect from their on-premises data centers to their OCI virtual cloud networks (VCNs) through dedicated, private, high-speed connections. FastConnect offers multiple high-bandwidth options and different connectivity models using OCI FastConnect partners like Megaport or direct connections when colocating in the same data center facility. FastConnect provides a more reliable and consistent networking experience when compared to any internet-based communication like IPSec VPNs. For more information on FastConnect, see FastConnect Overview.

Why Megaport Cloud Router?

Megaport makes cloud-to-cloud networking easy. Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) is a virtual routing service that can provide cloud-to-cloud connectivity through OCI FastConnect to other cloud platforms. You can configure and connect without hardware in minutes. MCR allows you to route data between OCI and other cloud platforms without hair pinning your traffic back to a data center or your on-premises environment. The MCR handles border gateway protocol (BGP) peering with each private cloud connection and enables direct routing and optimized latency between clouds. Megaport and Oracle have predeployed FastConnect infrastructure to more than 25 global locations. Megaport private network infrastructure is also deployed with AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and other major cloud destinations, making your OCI and multicloud objectives easier than ever.


Perform the following prerequisites with OCI:

Perform the following prerequisites with Megaport:

Getting started

After meeting the prerequisites, log in to the Oracle Cloud Console and provision a new FastConnect virtual circuit using Megaport as the FastConnect partner. For step-by-step setup instructions on how to configure a FastConnect partner virtual circuit, see FastConnect: With an Oracle Partner.

A screenshot of the Connection Detail screen with the Complete Connection button outlined in red.

When your virtual circuit has been provisioned, it begins in a Pending Partner state. A new banner at the top of the page shows the steps of how to complete your virtual circuit configuration. Click the Complete connection button to launch the Megaport partner integration workflow and begin configuring the Megaport side of the FastConnect.

A screenshot of the Configure Connection screen with the option for using an existing MCR selected.

After logging in with your Megaport login credentials, you see a configuration page for your Megaport connection. Select either the Megaport port option or Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) as the Megaport product. When choosing MCR, you can select a previously created cloud router from your Megaport account or create one directly from the Console.

A screenshot of the AWS virtual cross connect details page showing the configuration details.

If you have a multicloud use case involving connecting OCI with AWS, you can also complete the MCR to AWS connection from the same workflow. When using this option, you must log in to the AWS cloud portal after completing the OCI and Megaport configuration to finish provisioning the AWS side of the Megaport connection.

When all Megaport options have been configured in the Oracle Cloud Console and you have accepted the Megaport quoted pricing, click the Complete connection button. The virtual circuit transitions to a provisioning state as the final background configurations are implemented for your connection on both the OCI and Megaport sides. When all configurations have been completed, the virtual circuit transitions to a provisioned state and is available for use.

Want to know more?

For more details on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect and Megaport integration, refer to the documentation. If you want to learn more about the Megaport Cloud Router, including functionality and common use cases, see the Megaport Cloud Router website.

Misha Kasvin

Principal Solutions Architect, OCI Networking Services

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