Oracle expands cloud services with new open source data management solutions

September 19, 2023 | 4 minute read
Carter Shanklin
Sr. Director of Product Management
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is excited to announce three new managed open source data management cloud services and three significant enhancements to existing ones. These services offer a wide range of capabilities to help organizations of all sizes enhance their data operations.

PostgreSQL logo

New managed data management cloud services and enhancements

OCI Database with PostgreSQL is a fully managed PostgreSQL database service designed to optimize performance, dynamically scale storage, and ensure full PostgreSQL compatibility. With OCI Database with PostgreSQL, you get the following capabilities:

  • Experience potentially higher performance for your mission-critical applications, courtesy of our Database Optimized Storage, compared to self-managed clusters.

  • Enjoy lower costs; our analysis suggests that OCI Database with PostgreSQL could be more economical compared to other cloud providers.

  • Use your existing PostgreSQL expertise and tools to operate efficiently.

Redis logo

OCI Cache with Redis is a fully managed Redis solution that accelerates application response times through in-memory data caching. With OCI Cache with Redis, you get the following capabilities:

  • Improve the performance of your distributed web applications and APIs.

  • Minimize load and latency on your database.

  • Reduce your cost because OCI Cache with Redis is priced based on the amount of memory you use, so you only pay for what you need.

OCI Data Lake offers object storage and a common security and governance framework for organizations looking to build their own lakehouse on OCI using their choice of database or big data solutions. This comprehensive managed service centralizes data storage and provides robust security and governance for both structured and unstructured data. With OCI Data Lake, you gain the following abilities:

  • Consolidate scattered data silos into a single, organized repository

  • Enhance the security and governance of your data

  • Simplify the process of analyzing your data, for faster insights

OpenSearch Logo

OpenSearch enhancements: Introducing an upgrade to our fully managed OpenSearch with version 2.8, featuring refined search relevance algorithms and heightened security controls. These enhancements to OpenSearch empower you in the following ways:

  • Attain accuracy in search results through neural search integration

  • Strengthen enterprise security by seamlessly incorporating LDAP, SAML, and OpenID

  • Entrust OCI with the management of your search infrastructure, ensuring optimal operational efficiency

Spark Logo

Data Flow with Apache Spark enhancements include the addition of a SQL endpoint for seamless querying against object stores and OCI Data Lake with the possibility to manage pools. With Data Flow with Apache Spark enhancements, you have the following capabilities:

  • Interactively query data directly in the data lake in open formats, such as Iceberg, Parquet, and Delta Lake

  • Use SQL for easy, fast querying and supports major Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau

  • Process data faster and more reliably with pools

Data Catalog enhancement adds Data Lineage within the OCI Data Catalog service. Data lineage visually represents your data’s journey through pipelines, facilitating understanding of its impact on other data entities and applications. It’s your single pane of glass for data about data. With these Data Catalog enhancements, you can:

  • Get a graphical representation of the end-to-end journey of data from the data source through the processing systems to the final target

  • Integrate with OCI Data Integration to provide lineage for data ingested and processed in the applications and pipelines across different Data Integration workspaces


From OCI Database with PostgreSQL, delivering the required performance and reliability for mission-critical applications, to OCI Data Lake, providing centralized object storage, robust security, and governance for both structured and unstructured data, these services present valuable offerings for organizations of all sizes.

Moreover, the inclusion of a neural search capability in OpenSearch enhances your organization’s ability to achieve more precise search outcomes across a broader spectrum of queries.

Whether you seek to enhance your data operations or aim to harness cloud advantages without being tied to a single vendor, Oracle’s managed open source services emerge as an excellent choice. Boasting a diverse array of capabilities, they remain committed to the open source community and backed by our world-class support.

Embark on a journey of exploration today and witness firsthand how these services can elevate your data operations and help your organization achieve its objectives! Discover more and get started today.

Carter Shanklin

Sr. Director of Product Management

<p>Carter Shanklin is Senior Director of Product Management for Big Data in Oracle Cloud Platform. Carter has over 10 years of experience developing data management and big data products including Hadoop, Spark and SQL-based solutions.</p>

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