Maximize your Exadata Cloud Infrastructure investment with Multi VM

October 11, 2023 | 3 minute read
Phani Turlapati
Outbound Product Manager - Autonomous Database on Dedicated Infrastructure
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Are you running your Oracle databases on Exadata Cloud Infrastructure? Are you interested in Oracle Autonomous Database? Well, then Multiple VM is for you! Oracle recently launched Multiple VM on Exadata Cloud Infrastructure on OCI. With Multi VM support, you can run both Autonomous Database on Dedicated Exadata Infrastructure aka ADB-D and Exadata Database Service Dedicated (ExaDB-D) on the same Exadata Cloud Infrastructure. With both databases on the same infrastructure, you can maximize your investment, have more flexibility for migrating databases to the cloud, and more easily modernize your applications—or build cool new ones that’ll bring you competitive advantage.  

How Multi VM helps you

Let’s take a closer look at how this works. First, with Lift and Shift (L&S), you were able to move your applications from on-premises to the cloud, as is, without re-factoring your code or designing workarounds to run them on this platform. L&S to ExaDB-D gives you high performance, security, and all the added benefits of cloud automation for backups and recovery, patching, and more. However, there’s another step to take full advantage of Oracle Cloud’s capabilities: moving to Autonomous Database with Move and Improve.

Move and Improve allows you to modernize your applications by running them on ADB-D. Beyond the benefits of L&S, you can improve each workload for performance, features, cost, user experience, and much more. You’re able to take full advantage of the autonomous features of ADB-D like self-tuning, self-maintaining, and self-securing which makes it the perfect home for modern application development.

Multi VM makes moving and Improving to ADB-D easy because you can create an Autonomous VM Cluster (AVMC) on your already subscribed Exadata Cloud Infrastructure. This means you can adopt an ADB-D on Exadata Cloud Infrastructure with available compute and storage capacity with no additional costs. By moving your applications into OCI and deploying them using the ADB-D, you’re getting the most out of your investment and more easily modernizing your applications. Your operations teams can spend less time on maintaining, managing, and patching the database, and more time directly guiding development teams in database and application architectures, improving utilization and optimizing costs, and helping to build cool stuff. For example, if you want to develop your Mongo DB applications on Autonomous Databases in order to gain operational efficiencies, or you want to build cool new applications using JSON data, Spatial, Graph, IoT, or any other kind of data, or your line of business wants to build a low-code application that’ll improve productivity, Multi VM on your existing Exadata Cloud Infrastructure that provides you with a perfect platform to deploy on.  With Multi VM you have the ultimate flexibility in the ultimate database cloud.


MultiVM with Autonomous VM and Exadata VM on same Exadata Cloud Infrastructure

Multi VM for maximal investment

Multi VM capability on Exadata Cloud Infrastructure is the lowest cost entry point with pay-per-use to the Autonomous Database for existing Exadata Cloud Infrastructure customers. In ExaDB-D, you must assign OCPUs when creating VMs, and the price is based on that assignment. With the flexibility of MultiVM, you can take advantage of Autonomous Database autoscaling, which ensures that you only pay for what you use by allocating and deallocating OCPUs as your workload requires on a per-second basis. You do not pay for OCPUs allocated to AVMC or the Autonomous Container Database, and if you Bring Your Own License (BYOL), then the entry price is even 4 times lower!

Multi VM is available from the X8M generation forward and enables you to maximize the value of your Exadata Cloud Infrastructure investment.  So, what are you waiting for? Lift and Shift applications to Exadata Database - Dedicated! Move and Improve your applications to ADB-D! With Multi VM, the sky’s the limit. Get started with the ADB-D on Exadata Cloud Infrastructure and Exadata Cloud@Customer with Oracle LiveLabs, a way for you to get hands-on experience and build up your technical skills. And once you feel ready to explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, get unlimited services like Autonomous Database with the Always Free Tier.

Phani Turlapati

Outbound Product Manager - Autonomous Database on Dedicated Infrastructure

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