Disaster recovery at scale with OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery

April 3, 2023 | 4 minute read
Greg King
Principal product manager for OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery
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Full Stack Disaster Recovery (DR) is an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) native service that provides a simple and consistent interface to orchestrate disaster recovery operations for many different systems, making it easy for any authorized user to trigger a failover or switchover without understanding any of the underlying recovery processes.

Full Stack DR is Oracle’s first true disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution for OCI and is more than just a simple orchestration engine. Full Stack DR is a highly scalable, highly extensible disaster recovery management service that fully automates the steps needed to test, transition, and recover critical and non-critical business systems between two OCI regions from anywhere around the globe with a single click.

Setting the stage

Your business systems must be installed and deployed for disaster recovery before configuring Full Stack DR to manage them during a recovery operation. Full Stack DR orchestrates recovery steps but doesn’t install or deploy anything. The lack of installation features is intentional and makes our DRaaS flexible, whether you have an existing system or are planning to deploy a new business system. Full Stack DR orchestrates recovery whether your systems are built around Oracle or non-Oracle application stacks.

So, what value does Full Stack DR deliver if we don’t automatically install and deploy everything for you? That question has many answers. Let’s begin with disaster recovery at scale.

The problems enterprises face with recovery at scale

An IT organization might be able to recover one or two different applications in a day or two in an all-consuming, all-hands-on-deck effort from the company’s most senior IT specialists. But what happens if the same IT organization is faced with the prospect of recovering more than just a few systems simultaneously?

OCI customers typically have more than just a few mission- and business-critical Oracle and non-Oracle applications hosted in their tenancy. Sometimes the number of different business systems contained in a single tenancy can scale beyond a hundred or more. To complicate matters, every individual business system can have a different deployment architecture that includes a completely different recovery process to meet individual recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Whether your tenancy hosts a few systems or hundreds, the fundamental problem is the same: The processes for recovery of each different application stack can be time-consuming and complex, requiring the full attention of the most senior technical specialists to accomplish. Even if the recovery steps for a few of the most critical systems have been documented into what are commonly called disaster recovery runbooks or workflows, the process still requires your most senior IT people to sit in front of keyboards for hours on end to accomplish.

Full Stack Disaster Recovery makes recovery at scale easy

Full Stack DR is designed to handle disaster recovery workflows at scale without involving a group of technical experts when the time comes to recover multiple systems concurrently. Organize various applications into independent disaster recovery protection groups without changing how you’ve installed and configured your existing Oracle and non-Oracle applications in OCI. Recover just one component of an application stack or recover the entire application stack with a single click. You choose what you want to do.

Full Stack DR standardizes how disaster recovery operations are run and monitored through the Oracle Cloud Console. No matter how many diverse systems you may have, you can run them all using the same simple, consistent method of choosing the desired disaster recovery protection group, selecting the disaster recovery plan, runbook, or workflow, and clicking a button that automatically validates the plan and recovers the business system.

Keep your experts focused on solving problems

The person tasked with running and monitoring the recovery for multiple systems need not be familiar with any of the steps required to recover a business system. Full Stack DR normalizes the steps into a single click, no matter how complex or different a recovery process might be for each business system.

So, your senior, highly skilled technical experts can stay focused on solving problems that inevitably crop up during a crisis instead of being tied to the keyboard, moving through the sometimes hundreds of tedious, error prone steps required to recover many different business system.

Learn more about Full Stack Disaster Recovery

A multitude of other features and capabilities make Full Stack DR the right choice for managing the recovery for all your business systems, whether they’re complex or a simple set of virtual machines.

Full Stack DR gives you the power and flexibility to implement disaster recovery for Oracle or non-Oracle applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure the way you want, not the way we want. Learn more about Full Stack DR by visiting the following resources:

Greg King

Principal product manager for OCI Full Stack Disaster Recovery

I have an extensive background in professional services, product management as well as production systems administration, specializing in networking, storage, storage networking, high availability, business continuity and mission critical computing 

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