digitalML joins the Oracle PartnerNetwork with OCI API Gateway integration

November 16, 2023 | 4 minute read
Shyam Suchak
Senior Product Manager
Robert Wunderlich
Product Strategy Director
John Bogard
Chief Revenue Officer, digitalML
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We’re pleased to announce that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) API Gateway, a critical component for managing, deploying, and securing APIs, is now supported with digitalML’s ignite platform! This support offers OCI customers a comprehensive multicloud unified API management solution for API lifecycle management, holistic API catalog, and consumer portal capabilities. This combination provides a powerful API approach to hybrid and multicloud deployments, enabling frictionless portability of APIs across multiple runtime environments. It significantly enhances the ease of operating in multicloud environments, ensuring that our customers can enjoy seamless and efficient API management and migration across diverse cloud platforms.

OCI API Gateway

OCI API Gateway is a robust frontline defense for your API ecosystem, offering advanced security, monitoring, and traffic management capabilities. It allows businesses to create and deploy APIs that connect applications to backend services securely and efficiently. Its ability to handle API requests at scale ensures high availability and responsiveness, making it an integral component in any enterprise-grade API security strategy.

digitalML and ignite

digitalML helps enterprises gain a competitive edge in the digital economy by abstracting, standardizing, and simplifying API catalog and management. digitalML’s platform, ignite, is renowned for its holistic approach to full API lifecycle management. It provides businesses the tools to plan, design, and manage APIs, standardizing how they connect applications and solutions across their enterprise. A single catalog across multiple environments provides clear visibility and portability of APIs. ignite also ensures API consistency, reduces complexity, and encourages the reuse of your best APIs, which drives innovation.

Key benefits of ignite

ignite’s integration with OCI offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced API life-cycle management: The integration allows enterprises to manage the complete lifecycle of their APIs using digitalML’s comprehensive platform with API Gateway. From design to deployment, this combined functionality ensures a seamless, efficient, and secure process for APIs, driving faster innovation and enhancing go-to-market strategies.

  • Robust security and performance monitoring: With OCI API Gateway’s advanced security features, you gain the advantage of built-in security policies, including authentication, authorization, and encryption. When used with ignite, businesses can ensure that their APIs are standardized and secure across the entire lifecycle, meeting compliance and regulatory standards effortlessly.

  • Simplified governance: The blend of ignite’s automated and flexible governance capabilities with OCI API Gateway enables businesses to have better control over their API ecosystems. This integration ensures that API policies are consistently applied, making governance a facilitator of innovation rather than a roadblock.

  • Accelerated digital transformation: In the era of digital acceleration, the combined prowess of ignite and OCI API Gateway empowers enterprises to speed up their digital transformation journeys. Businesses can rapidly deploy services that meet customer demands and react quickly to changing market conditions by automating and streamlining API development.

  • Ease of multicloud operations: digitalML facilitates effortless operations across multicloud environments, making it easier for customers to manage their API landscapes on OCI, other clouds and even on-premises. This adaptability is crucial for those seeking to utilize the strengths of different cloud platforms.

How ignite works

The ignite platform is gateway-agnostic, providing a holistic API management experience across multiple clouds and gateway technologies. digitalML uses OCI’s robust API and software developer kit (SDK) to connect with OCI API Gateway and provide a unified view of APIs deployed to OCI API Gateway with APIs deployed in other vendor solutions.

Get started using OCI API Gateway and ignite

A screenshot of the ignite API management platform dashboard.

To get started with using OCI API Gateway with ignite, use the following steps:

  • Have an account on OCI. If you need to sign up, you can get started for free.

  • Get started with OCI API Gateway and create your first gateway.

  • Choose or create an OCI user for digitalML and add an API key.

  • Connect ignite platform with OCI API Gateway using the OCI API Gateway user’s API key. digitalML helps with the initial connection.

  • Import existing APIs and begin abstracting, standardizing, and deploying reliable and consistent APIs through the integrated system.

  • Create tailored experiences for API consumer portals and support a variety of consumption use cases.

A screenshot of the welcome portal for ignite's API.


Integrating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure API Gateway with digitalML’s ignite platform marks a significant step in simplifying API management while ensuring discoverability, governance, scalability, security, and speed. Businesses can now focus more on driving innovation and less on the technical complexities of API lifecycle management. For more information and to start harnessing the power of this integration, refer to the following resources:

Shyam Suchak

Senior Product Manager

Robert Wunderlich

Product Strategy Director

Software product management and development leader with 21+ years experience delivering software, services and solutions in cloud, API Management, and Integration.

John Bogard

Chief Revenue Officer, digitalML has an impressive background in sales, business development, and marketing in technology and business services. He’s also experienced in generating revenue and growth in early stage companies as well as larger public corporations.

He joined digitalML in 2006 as the company launched in the US. Currently, he is responsible for driving all sales efforts and extending the ignite Platform within the marketplace.

Prior to digitalML, John was VP of Sales at MCC:o2, a global venture accelerator for early stage technology ventures. This company is responsible for launching new products, and producing repeatable and scalable revenue for client companies from the US and Europe.

Prior to MCC:o2, John was in enterprise sales with, the worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. Prior to this, he was responsible for a sales and business development team at Apex Systems, Inc.

John earned his BA in Political Science and Business Administration from the University of Calgary.

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