OCI Dedicated Regions now available with smaller footprint and lower price point

June 21, 2022 | 5 minute read
Clay Magouyrk
Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering
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Today I’m excited to announce two new powerful offerings that deliver Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services where customers need them.

We launched OCI Dedicated Region in 2020: A fully managed cloud region, with hardware and software delivered to customer data centers and pay-what-you-use pricing. Commercial and public sector customers are deploying OCI Dedicated Region to host applications and data that require strict data residency, control, and security; or to remain in specific locations for low-latency connectivity and data-intensive processing. Customers are also taking advantage of the full OCI service catalog in Dedicated Regions for application modernization and innovation while benefiting from reduced infrastructure management and costs.

Nomura Research Institute (NRI), Ltd., the largest consulting firm and IT solutions provider in Japan, has already deployed an OCI Dedicated Region. We are happy to share that NRI is now in production with a second OCI Dedicated Region to enable disaster recovery capabilities and regulatory compliance within Japan and is also in production with multiple financial applications for its customers using OCI’s services. “After our first successful implementation in our Tokyo data center, we expanded the use of OCI Dedicated Region in Osaka data center to run our SaaS solutions for the financial industry,” said Tomoshiro Takemoto, senior executive managing director, NRI. “OCI has helped us build a distributed cloud environment within our Tokyo and Osaka data center, allowing us to leverage the high-performance and flexible resources of OCI and maintain a high level of financial governance and availability that we require.”

We are also announcing that Vodafone plans to run mission critical business applications using OCI Dedicated Regions in its data centers in Europe to satisfy low-latency connectivity and data residency requirements as they modernize their IT infrastructure. Public sector organizations are also adopting OCI Dedicated Region for data residency and greater control, including previously announced Dedicated Regon projects in the Sultanate of Oman and Australia.

Announcing the general availability of a new OCI Dedicated Region:  Smaller, faster, cheaper for a broader set of customers

Today, we’re announcing the next generation of OCI Dedicated Region. A wider range of customers can now gain the agility, economics, and scaling of the public cloud in their own data centers. OCI Dedicated Region now requires 60-75% less data center space and power on average, with a significantly lower entry price.

Customers can now have all OCI services running directly in their own data centers, not in a cloud region hundreds or thousands of miles away. This new entry point and the smaller footprint open OCI Dedicated Region to more organizations who need to run workloads outside the public cloud. Customers use the same services and applications as in OCI's public cloud and are charged at the same rates. The OCI team supports, manages, upgrades, and even expands the region, just as we do in our own. We offer the same financially backed service level agreements for availability, manageability, and performance that we do in public OCI Regions. OCI Dedicated Regions operate independently from our public cloud regions and can be delivered to satisfy heightened security and compliance requirements.

At this scale, migrating a portfolio of applications from self-managed hardware to an OCI Dedicated Region can be extremely cost-effective, and a single-tenant cloud made up of multiple OCI Dedicated Regions becomes a practical way to host operations within a country or across the globe.

Announcing: Preview of Compute Cloud@Customer 

Today, we’re also pleased to preview Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer. This rack-scale solution allows organizations to run applications on OCI-compatible compute, storage, and networking in their data centers, fully managed as a service from an OCI Region and using OCI’s cost-effective consumption model to streamline operations and reduce costs. Compute Cloud@Customer brings a subset of services compared to OCI Dedicated Region and is designed for smaller environments than OCI Dedicated Region. It complements the Exadata Cloud@Customer's database services bringing core infrastructure services to customer’s data center. OCI Dedicated Region, Exadata Cloud@Customer, and Compute Cloud@Customer provide customers with an ‘OCI everywhere’ experience for these services with the same hardware and software on-premises in their data centers that is used in OCI public cloud regions. Developers and IT managers utilize the same APIs and management tools to create a consistent user experience irrespective of where services are running. This makes it easy for organizations to develop, deploy, secure, and manage a single set of software across a wide range of distributed cloud environments.

"At Telefónica de España, a global telecom provider with 369 million subscribers, we have partnered with Oracle to support our mission-critical telecom operations,” said Fidel Jesús Fernández, director, Technologies and IT Transformation, Telefónica España. “We are excited about the new announcement of Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer that will enable us to extend our current IT architectures across public and hybrid cloud infrastructure, enhancing the robustness and flexibility of our production and disaster recovery environments. With compatibility across public cloud, connected hybrid cloud, and disconnected cloud platforms, we can develop-once and deploy anywhere for easy migration of workloads between cloud and on-premises to meet the changing needs of our business.”

OCI's distributed cloud

These innovations are part of our vision for OCI’s distributed cloud – a cloud that can deliver services wherever and however customers need them. Our Dedicated Region and Cloud@Customer solutions deliver cloud services to customers in more than 60 countries, in addition to 38 public cloud regions in 20 countries, 11 launched in the last 9 months, plus multiple US National Security regions. Our public OCI Regions also provide low-latency connections to Azure and industry-leading low network traffic fees, and all OCI Regions support a range of hybrid cloud and multicloud architectures with our management services.

We believe a distributed cloud is the way to address varying needs of our worldwide customers. We continue to work on additional capabilities for OCI’s distributed cloud. Stay tuned!

Next Steps

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Clay Magouyrk

Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

Clay runs the engineering and software development team for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, based in Seattle.  He has experience building cloud systems at scale at Amazon and elsewhere and was one of the first members of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure team, working on Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud since its inception.

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