Enabling financial services industry analysis with TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer on OCI

August 10, 2023 | 2 minute read
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Financial services customers can meet new industry requirements with cloud-based computing significantly faster than on-premises solutions. TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer allows for provisioning and managing large cloud-based deployments up to millions of CPUs within minutes with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The same demand for scale is a trend in other growing fields. such as life sciences, electronic design architecture (EDA), computation fluid dynamics (CFD), weather, and autonomous vehicles. Customers need to perform scale-out computing with larger datasets to get new and valuable insights.

This reference architecture shows the deployment of GridServer on OCI for elastic compute workloads. Grid computing technology has been used as one of the solutions that customers deploy to analyzes vast datasets in parallel and at a scale to perform complex computations. TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer plays a key role in running large-scale grid computing workloads.

GridServer overview

Before we explore the integrations, let’s go through a quick overview of GridServer.

TIBCO’s DataSynapse GridServer is an infrastructure platform for grid and elastic computing. With GridServer, you can run millions of tasks in parallel. By dynamically scaling services and allocating computing resources, you can process multiple grid workloads simultaneously.

The GridServer architecture is comprised the following components:

  • Fault-tolerant GridServer broker and directors. GridServer managers manage the cluster configuration, provide orchestration of workers, and schedule tasks.

  • Elastic scale-out virtual machine (VM) Compute worker nodes. Worker components can complete tasks in an optimized and secure way.

  • Client component that submits tasks using a flexible and performant API, allowing for synchronous and asynchronous task submissions.

A graphic depicting the architecture for a deployment using DataSynapse GridServer.

TIBCO DataSynapse DataSynapse HPCCA is a broker component that allows you to dynamically scale capacity to the number of grid workers, based on the number of tasks submitted to the grid. When no tasks are pending, HPCCA scales in idle workers. HPCCA also offers more than one instance type and size following Spot best practices by diversifying OCI instance selection across instance families, different generations, and multiple sizes.


TIBCO DataSynapse GridServer allows you to move grid workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and scale your workloads instantly across various Compute shapes, give you agility in deployment and optimized costs.

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