Customers continue to enhance their AI and ML workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

April 28, 2021 | 2 minute read
Gloria Lee
Outbound Product Manager for Autonomous Database Dedicated (ADB-D)
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The amazing work of our partners at Oracle for Startups is unmatched. As a continuation of Oracle and Customers Team Up to Transform How We Use AI and ML on the Cloud, we want to share more customer success stories on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). These four customers are transforming the world with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Shaping the future

How we unleash our creativity has changed with Polarr. They created a photo editor that uses AI to let imaginations run free. One of their greatest features is the ability to automatically detect precise object mask in photos, allowing creators to edit specific objects or erase any unnecessary photobombers. Their AI technology also includes understanding photos in several aspects, ranging from objects and semantics to aesthetics and composition, backing novel consumer features, such as smart album management and real-time composition guidance in camera. Learning from millions of user-created effects for photos and videos, Polarr also trained recommendation module for the best way to enhance and stylize any content with adjustments, filters, and special effects. Their ability to use AI to boost imagination, is unmatched in the photo editing space. Learn more about Polarr.

What happens when you combine art historians with AI experts? They combine forces to bring transparency and price explainability to the art market for the art industry. Their AI technology explains and predicts why and when Trillions of dollars of art assets change in value and helps some of the lending insurers and wealth management firms in the US and in Europe to increase market share. Learn more about Wondeur.

UniQreate provides a smart cloud web app UI coupled with an adaptive learning engine to automate data extraction for Capital Markets Enterprises. Through a simple three-step process, the AI engine uses machine learning and deep learning strategies to learn the data items from documents varying in structure, context, layout, and formats. This process continuously improves cost, efficiency, and accountability for enterprise business users. Learn more about UniQreate.

Rethinking security in the retail industry is Tango Tech with their AI video surveillance product module, Tango Eye. Tango Eye helps improve retail experience, efficiency, and security by using AI and real-time analytics. Their product suite helps uncover shopping patterns, enhance customer experience, identify potential security threats, and much more. Learn more about Tango Tech.

Partner with us 

These companies and many more are continuing their amazing work on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Our scalable and highly available infrastructure with powerful GPUs fits their unique needs and we hope to show you that you can too. If you want to partner with us, learn more about Oracle for Startups.

Gloria Lee

Outbound Product Manager for Autonomous Database Dedicated (ADB-D)

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