Big Data analytics, edge computing, and more: New Oracle Cloud Marketplace solutions for government

October 12, 2021 | 4 minute read
Shweta Bhatia Gupta
Product Manager
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Here at Oracle, innovation and interoperability don’t stop, and they don’t stop for our Marketplace partnerships either. From Big Data to edge computing, independent software vendors (ISVs) are growing their channel footprint with the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and gaining new customer attention with exciting products and solutions.

This post covers some of the latest software innovations available to our government customers on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace with a summary of the solutions. The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is an online store, selling hundreds of business apps and professional services that complement your existing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) implementation.

Accelerating unified analysis

In the Big Data category, our partner Kinetica provides solutions for the analysis of historical and streaming data with powerful location intelligence and AI in a single platform, all easily accessible with APIs for application integration and SQL. OmniSci provides a solution for interactive query, visualization, and data science workflows by using modern hardware’s full power and parallelism. Both vendors use CPU and GPU for high performance.

By comparison, Kinetica incorporates hundreds of data feeds into continuously running big data queries to generate real-time features for machine learning models, providing almost instant results and giving an organization a complete view of its operations. OmniSci uses the native SQL, interactive visual analytics, extensive PyData stack integrations, and a robust machine learning framework.

Seamlessly integrating data with edge computing

In the edge computing space, we’re excited to announce the addition of YottaStor’s YottaDrive Cloud solution. The solution enables data generated at the edge and available in OCI for further examination. YottaDrive Cloud allows hundreds of data types to be captured and transformed into analysis-ready information, ensuring that data is no longer stranded at the edge.

YottaDrive Cloud can ingest over a hundred data types, including full-motion video of law enforcement cameras, real-time satellite imagery, remote sensing, medical imaging, cybersecurity data, oil and gas, and sensing data. It seamlessly integrates the unique data types to create a new reality for analysis and enable collaboration among various industries. YottaDrive is also fully compatible with the ruggedized Oracle Roving Edge Device (RED) that distributes cloud computing and storage services at the edge of networks and in separate locations, allowing for faster processing close to the data source.

Simplifying migration

Have an existing workload to move on OCI? Migration might be in order, and RackWare has the solution. RackWare Migration Manager (RMM) supplies an automated, agentless, and convenient process to move existing workloads between different data centers and clouds. Creating an exact duplicate of a running image without the burden of rebuilding or re-creating template images and applications simplifies the move. As a result, RMM can support large and complex environments through a simple interface with automated tasks, reducing the time required from weeks to days. RMM also decouples the application stack from the underlying platform allowing it to be ported to OCI.

Running legacy Sun Microsystems SPARC hardware and embarrassed to let your friends know? You can easily emulate it on OCI with the Stromasys Charon-SSP software. Charon-SSP emulates legacy Sun SPARC hardware, enabling Solaris applications to continue running without modification by re-creating the SPARC virtual hardware layer on industry-standard x86 computer systems on OCI. The virtual layer is compatible with any Sun software running on it, and acts as SPARC hardware without any need for code conversion or source code. Charon-SSP is fully binary-compatible with SPARC hardware, including storage, ethernet, and serial line I/O. No risky migration projects are required because you don’t make changes to the original software operating system, layered products, or applications. End users won’t even notice that the old hardware platform has been replaced!

Securing multicloud networks

Keeping security in mind in a multicloud government world, CoPilot from Aviatrix provides a global operational view of your multicloud network. Enterprise IT teams can use CoPilot’s dynamic topology mapping to maintain an accurate topology of their global multicloud networks. The FlowIQ capability also helps analyze global network traffic flows, global heat maps, and time series trend charts to easily pinpoint and troubleshoot traffic anomalies. The CoPilot applies the intelligence, advanced network, and security services of Aviatrix’s multicloud network platform to provide enterprise cloud network operations teams with familiar day-two or mature operational features, such as packet capture, traceroute, ping, and new operational capabilities built explicitly for multicloud network environments.

Try it for your mission needs

This post provides essential information about new ISV solutions available today in the US Government Marketplace. If you want to log in and examine the solutions, among others, connect through Luke or Langley, or one of the following options on a supporter browser:

Find and deploy vendor solutions in the government realms from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Oracle’s partnership with industry-leading network security ISVs couldn’t be easier. While solutions like Kinetica help you analyze historical and streaming data with powerful location intelligence and AI in a single platform, YottaStor’s YottaDrive Cloud solution can help you seamlessly integrate data with its edge computing capabilities. We’re continuously growing the Oracle Cloud Marketplace library of Oracle and third-party ISVs to help support your organizational goals.

Co-author for this post, Matthew Miller is a senior manager of Cloud Marketplace Partnerships at Oracle, responsible for ISV recruitment, feature enhancements, and growing the day-to-day government marketplace business.

Shweta Bhatia Gupta

Product Manager

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