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March 28, 2023 | 3 minute read
Sathya Velir
Principal Product Manager
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In today’s fast-paced world, delivering high-quality media content to a global audience has become a critical aspect of many businesses. The traditional methods of media delivery, such as satellite and terrestrial networks, are becoming less feasible because of the high costs, complexity, and limitations associated with these systems.

Here, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Media Flow service comes in as a game changer in the media delivery landscape. In this blog, we review how we can automate media processing with OCI Media Flow using OCI prebuilt functions.

What is Media Flow?

OCI Media Flow is a cloud-based media processing solution provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It provides a flexible and scalable platform for delivering high-quality video content over the internet to a global audience. The solution uses the power of OCI’s highly available and secure infrastructure to deliver a reliable and high-quality media delivery experience to end-users.

OCI Media Flow provides processing through media workflow-based approach. You can customize the media workflow to do tasks like transcodes, speech to text outputs, object detection, text detection, and thumbnail generations. After a media workflow is configured, you can create media workflow jobs to run for each media file that needs the processing. These media files must be on OCI Object Storage for the media workflow job to pick it up for processing. After processing, the output files are sent to OCI Object Storage and optionally also to OCI Media Streams. If you need more detailed understanding, review the blog, Stream video using OCI Media Services.

Why automate media processing?

Media files can be large when they come from a camera, and often they need edits to make the video or audio more reachable for the audience. OCI Media Flow requires you to pass the media file details to the media workflow job. So, if you have 100 files to process, select those 100 files to submit 100 media workflow jobs. This process is doubtlessly time-consuming and costly.

How to automate media processing

OCI now offers prebuilt functions that allow you to create OCI Function solutions using standard codes from Oracle that you can use and not manage. In the prebuilt functions catalog, we have a “Media Workflow Job Spawner” code that lets you automate those 100 jobs to be processed as they’re uploaded to OCI Object Storage. For full details and a step by step to complete the automation, follow our tutorial, Automate media processing using OCI Media Flow with Pre‐Built Functions.

A graphic depicting the process for automating media processing using OCI Media Flow and prebuilt functions.

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Sathya Velir

Principal Product Manager

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