Announcing the VMware Cloud Director service on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

December 15, 2022 | 5 minute read
Sheryl Sage
Sr, Principal Product Manager
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It’s no secret that most businesses operate in a multicloud world, using two or more public clouds depending on application type, cloud capabilities, and organizational preferences. The 2022 Global Hybrid Cloud Trends Report, conducted by 451 Research reports that 58% of companies now use two to three public cloud providers, and 31% are even using between four to ten.

Unfortunately, choosing the right cloud for the right application has given rise to massive complexity as enterprise IT teams must grapple with incompatible architectures between clouds, operational overhead of ongoing maintenance, and inconsistent security policies that challenge the benefits of multicloud. To reap the benefits of multicloud enterprise IT requires a consistent operational framework to provision and consume custom-sized, tenant-based cloud resources on demand.

To solve these challenges, we are excited to announce the tech preview of VMware Cloud Director service for managing enterprise multitenancy or private software-defined data center (SDDC) services on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution. The solution enables enterprise IT teams to allocate private cloud resources across different departments and create capacity for development and testing, which otherwise requires lengthy custom automation.

Introducing VMware Cloud Director service on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

The VMware Cloud Director service allows you to create and operate virtual data centers maximizing your cloud investment and allocate private cloud resources across different departments or line-of-business. Enterprise IT can take advantage of multi-tenancy or private SDDC services on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to make more efficient use of cloud compute, memory, networks, and storage. This capability allows you to configure a multicloud control plane for infrastructure and applications on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and connect existing on-premises vCenter instances.

Powered by the Cloud Director service, enterprise IT operations teams can deliver SDDC endpoints with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution using multitenancy with each internal tenant having their own organization virtual data center (OVDC). Communications to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution endpoints from the Cloud Director service are supported with an SSL reverse proxy, the same mechanism that connects VMware Cloud Director service to other cloud platform and on-premises SDDC endpoints.

A workflow of the unified multicloud management experience with the Cloud Director service

Ensure that the round-trip latency time is within 150 milliseconds between your chosen Oracle Cloud region and the nearest Cloud Director service location.

Unified operations with the Cloud Director service

VMware Cloud Director service delivers the cloud management platform for public and private clouds delivered by enterprise IT and partners. The VMware Cloud Director service provides organizations with a common architectural approach and operating model to managing hybrid cloud, public cloud, and multicloud.

VMware Cloud Director service provides a consistent user experience over multiple cloud architectures, including VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud VMware Engine, Azure VMware Solution, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and on-premises vCenter or Cloud Director endpoints.

Customers with on-premises VMware SDDC deployments can associate them with the VMware Cloud Director service. You have a single access point to deploy and deliver all your cloud infrastructure regardless of the endpoint. The center is designed to increase virtual data center efficiency by pooling compute (CPU and memory), networks, and storage, presenting them through catalog-based services.

Using the Cloud Director, service organizations can configure and provision cloud resources for a specific tenant, such as DevOps, production, or different lines-of-business based on their specific capacity, or performance requirements. Beyond vSphere, the Cloud Director service with OCVS provides the following features:

  • Self-service user interface with easy web- and API-based deploy and operate models

  • Ability to scale the platform without impacting internal line-of-business

  • Multitenant constructs to strictly isolate enterprise line-of-business or production from development tenants

  • User abstraction from the underlaying hardware where users don’t know what resources are being used

  • Tenant administrative control over users and developers

Getting started with initial availability

The VMware Cloud Director service is sold and operated by VMware to enterprise customers and VMware Cloud provider partners. The Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is sold by Oracle. The tech preview is intended for Enterprise customer only as the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution is currently only available from Oracle.

Internal use allows you to onboard internal departments or tenants separated using multitenancy. Each tenant has access to the Cloud Director service to provide self-service capabilities, which allow you to manage the resources within the organization into multiple departments. A managed service provider (MSP) can also directly manage the Cloud Director service on behalf of an enterprise customer for multitenancy. In this case, the MSP buys the Cloud Director service offering from VMware.

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution with Oracle Database PaaS services

For businesses who have built a best-in-class VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)-based private cloud, the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides a fast path to the cloud serving customers in 40 regions, 22 countries, 10 dual regions, and 12 interconnected with Azure cloud regions, while taking advantage of adjacent OCI services, such as Oracle Database Cloud (RAC) on virtual machines (VMs), Exadata Cloud service, and Autonomous Database.

Businesses can subscribe to Oracle Database platform-as-a-service (PaaS) services and receive the benefit of database high availability and scalability with RAC for the applicable services. Operations teams provision databases on VMs with OCI Block Storage volumes providing cost-efficient cloud database services with a choice of Oracle Database editions. The licensing policy for Oracle products running in virtualized environments hasn’t changed with this announcement. Oracle Database requires all cores in a virtualized environment to be licensed. For more details, refer to Oracle’s server and hardware partitioning policy.


If you’re interested in learning more about the VMware Cloud Director service, contact your VMware sales representative. If you’re interested in getting started with Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, contact your Oracle sales representative.

To learn more about the economics of the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, check out this VMware infographic. To get started with the VMware Cloud Director service on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, see the following resources:

Sheryl Sage

Sr, Principal Product Manager

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