Announcing the inter-region latency dashboard for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

April 16, 2021 | 3 minute read
Paul Cainkar
Director Solutions Architecture
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We’re pleased to announce the general availability of the inter-region latency dashboard for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). With this service, you can view performance metrics for inter-region traffic.

With this inter-region latency dashboard, OCI introduces the ability to view real time and historical latency for OCI regions around the globe. You can use this information for planning data center deployments to meet application requirements, troubleshooting application performance, and optimizing your cloud infrastructure.

This information is presented in a grid format, allowing you to easily see the real-time round-trip latency between any region pair. By clicking a specific regional pair, you can view detailed historical latency, and configure alarming.

A screenshot of the latency grid in the inter-region latency dashboard.

This latency reflects traffic flowing across the OCI backbone network, which is the global private IP network which Oracle Cloud workloads use when communicating between regions.

Use cases

Network planning

Regional selection is often a complicated task, requiring the balance of requirements in disaster recovery, compliance, data residency, and performance. Performance can be relative; lower latency is always better, or it can be driven by an absolute application requirement for latency below a certain value. While distance is the primary driver to latency, in certain cases fiber paths don’t take the straight path, making actual performance measurement necessary.

Using the inter-region latency dashboard, you can determine the performance impact different regional selections can have. Often, you can meet your other business requirements through multiple possible regional pairs, and it can help you make the optimal selection for your cloud deployment.


You can now validate network performance, both actively and historically, utilizing the inter-region latency dashboard. When a problem is not currently occurring, you can use historical data to validate network performance.

Monitoring and alarming

With latency information available through the monitoring API, you can also integrate latency metrics into your on-premises monitoring platform. You can also utilize the OCI Metrics alarming service to actively notify you by e-mail or SMS when defined latency thresholds are exceeded.


You can access the inter-region latency dashboard by selecting Networking and Inter-Region Latency from the networking menu.

A screenshot of the Networking menu expanding to show Inter-Region Latency circled in gray.

You then see a table showing the latency between all inter-region pairs. You can select two regions as shown in the following chart with IAD (Ashburn) and LHR (London) to highlight a specific location pair:

An interregion latency chart with the column for London and row for Ashburn highlighted.

On the bottom half of the page, you can also access the last 30 days of historical latency data by selecting a regional pair. You can zoom in to a specific time range and see historical latency figures for five-minute intervals. These historical values are also available in OCI Metrics service and API.

A graphic depicting the historical cross-region performance from Ashburn to London.


Thank you for your interest in the inter-region latency dashboard. On behalf of the Virtual Networking product team, we encourage you to share any product feedback that you have in the comments.

Paul Cainkar

Director Solutions Architecture

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