Announcing support for SMS notifications via Oracle Notifications Service

March 9, 2021 | 2 minute read
Dibyendu Roy
Principal Product Manager
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Announcing support for SMS notifications via Oracle Notifications Service

We are excited to announce the general availability of SMS notifications support via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notification Service.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notification Service is a cloud-native notification service that allows push-based notifications to Email, Slack, PagerDuty, HTTPS webhooks, and Oracle Function endpoints. The Notification Service has native integration with other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, such as Service Connector Hub and Monitoring. You can use these integrations to deliver notifications on infrastructure change events and monitoring alarms to multiple endpoints in a fan-out pattern. Today's announcement for SMS notifications support makes our offering more rounded by enabling our customers to receive notifications on their mobile devices as well for events like security alarms, infrastructure event updates, and monitoring alarms.

We are launching SMS notifications in 35 countries, including the USA, Canada, Germany, and the UK. To view the complete list of countries for SMS support, please visit this page.

Use Cases

Using SMS opens up a range of use cases, including the following examples:

  • Receive SMS notifications on security incidents: Security Admins care to know immediately when security incidents happen. Now Security Admins can configure an SMS subscription type in Oracle Notification Service and configure Service Connectors to receive SMS notifications when critical incidents are detected from logs

  • Get instant Monitoring Alarm notifications on your mobile device: SREs and IT Admins can configure ONS and Monitoring alarms to receive SMS notifications when their critical infrastructure operates outside preferred thresholds. DevOps engineers can now get monitoring alarm notifications delivered to their mobile devices.

  • Receive notifications about infrastructure changes on your mobile device: IT admins want to know when critical infrastructure resources e.g. network routing tables, compute instances, databases, etc. change to ensure compliance with corporate policies. They can now receive SMS notifications on their mobile devices wherever they are.


The first 100 SMS messages sent are free of charge in every country we support. After our free tier, pricing depends on the recipient's country. You can view the full pricing details on the Notifications pricing page.

Getting Started

We are launching support for SMS notifications in all 22 commercial regions today. To view a list of all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions, please visit this page.

Oracle Notifications Service is accessible through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console (under the Application Integration section), SDK, CLI, REST API, and Terraform. It's easy to configure to receive SMS notifications - simply create a Topic and an SMS Subscription Type by providing the destination country and the phone number. You are all set to receive SMS notifications at the phone number once you've verified the subscription. To learn more, please refer to Notifications service technical documentation.

We welcome you to sign up for the Oracle Cloud Free Trial or sign in to your account to experience Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications Service.

Dibyendu Roy

Principal Product Manager

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