Announcing Oracle Support Rewards, making it even easier for customers to use Oracle Cloud

June 22, 2021 | 3 minute read
Clay Magouyrk
Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering
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Many of you have used Oracle products for many years at the core of your IT operations. We thank you for your trust in us, and we take that trust very seriously. While we typically talk a lot about our investments on the technology side, we recognize that the business side is equally important.

Over the last five years, we've steadily rebuilt the way we do business. We debuted Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with everyday low prices that are easy to understand. We're backing up your use of OCI with end-to-end SLAs and customer support that's fully integrated with the OCI engineering team. We've also introduced programs like Universal Credits that offers flexible discounts on all OCI services, and Oracle Cloud Lift, which provides no cost field engineering support to help you plan, migrate, and go-live on OCI. Response to these programs has been positive, and I encourage you to talk to your Oracle representative to learn more about them.

I'm excited to announce our latest customer program: Oracle Support Rewards.

Oracle Support Rewards makes it easy for customers to reduce their technology support bill, even down to zero. It's simple. For every dollar you use on OCI, you earn $0.25 in Support Rewards. Unlimited License Agreement customers earn even more: $0.33 for every dollar of OCI consumption. The Support Rewards you earn can be used to reduce your technology support bill - this includes products like Oracle Database, WebLogic, and more.

Let's walk through a few examples:

  • Let's say you have a technology support bill of $1M a year. If you migrate a few new workloads to OCI (spending $2M in OCI consumption), you would earn $500,000 in rewards. After applying those rewards, your support bill would be cut in half to $500K a year.
  • With the same technology support bill ($1M a year), if you migrate a few more new workloads to OCI and spend $4M in OCI consumption, you would earn $1M in Support Rewards. Your support bill would be reduced to $0.
  • There's been a lot of interest in our Dedicated Region because it's a great way to get a full stack of cloud services in your own data centers. Let's say you have a technology support bill of $1.5M a year. If you identify some key workloads to move to a Dedicated Region and spend $6M in OCI consumption, you would earn $1.5M in rewards and your tech support bill would again go to $0.

I'm happy to share that there's been strong interest in the Support Rewards program:

“As a leader in data and analytics, providing the best customer experience is extremely important to Experian. We work with Oracle for many of our core systems on-premises, from call center data analysis to financial reporting,” said Mervyn Lally, Global Chief Enterprise Architect at Experian. “As we continue to adopt cloud-based solutions, Oracle Support Rewards makes it much easier for us to choose Oracle Cloud for the future of these systems. We believe that working with Oracle will allow us to further enhance our data processing and analytics capabilities in the cloud and help the millions of consumers and businesses we serve with our innovative solutions.”

“For more than 20 years, Cognizant has partnered with Oracle to help our joint customers modernize their businesses and technology platforms. Not only are we an Oracle partner, but also an Oracle customer,” said Anil Cheriyan, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Technology. “The new Oracle Support Rewards program gives us and our clients additional strong incentives to move workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.” - Cognizant

“Allegis Group is the global leader in talent solutions. Oracle has helped us design a robust cloud adoption strategy that balances benefits to our users and our business, with immediate modernization of core applications like PeopleSoft and adoption of SaaS over time. The Oracle Support Rewards program allows us to continue to use existing technology investments, dramatically lower costs, and invest in the future." - Brian Lindner, Chief Information Officer, Allegis Group

Viewing your Support Rewards is easy (console will update this Fall). Just go to your OCI console, click "Account Management" and "Support Rewards" to see your dashboard. Rewards are automatically updated monthly.

Oracle is deeply committed to making you successful in the cloud. We look forward to your feedback on the Support Rewards program. All the details are available on the Oracle Support Rewards web page and Oracle representatives are ready to answer any questions you have.

Clay Magouyrk

Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

Clay runs the engineering and software development team for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, based in Seattle.  He has experience building cloud systems at scale at Amazon and elsewhere and was one of the first members of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure team, working on Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud since its inception.

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