Announcing the Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud

July 1, 2024 | 5 minute read
Misha Kasvin
Principal Solutions Architect, OCI Networking Services
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We’re pleased to announce the general availability of the Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud, directly connecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Google Cloud in 11 commercial regions globally. 

With the Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud, Oracle and Google have created an integrated cloud experience using OCI FastConnect and Google Cloud Interconnect. This multicloud interconnection allows you to run mission-critical enterprise workloads across your Google Cloud and OCI environments and access the best-in-class services of each cloud provider, using a dedicated, low-latency private connection.

The Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud is available in the following regions:

OCI region Google Cloud region
US East (Ashburn) us-east4 (Ashburn)
Canada Southeast (Montreal) northamerica-northeast1 (Montreal)
Germany Central (Frankfurt) europe-west3 (Frankfurt)
Spain Central (Madrid) europe-southwest1 (Madrid)
UK South (London) europe-west2 (London)
Australia East (Sydney) australia-southeast1 (Sydney)
Australia Southeast (Melbourne) australia-southeast2 (Melbourne)
India West (Mumbai) asia-south1 (Mumbai)
Japan East (Tokyo) asia-northeast1 (Tokyo)
Singapore asia-southeast1 (Singapore)
Brazil East (Sao Paulo) southamerica-east1 (Sao Paulo)

Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud Overview

Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud

The Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud is a dedicated, private interconnection service combining OCI FastConnect partner connections and Google Cloud Partner Interconnects that helps multicloud customers innovate across two clouds and apply existing and familiar tools to support workloads. This interconnection offers the following benefits:

  • Dedicated connectivity: Physical connectivity is directly established between FastConnect and Interconnect services without any intermediate service provider resulting in a direct, low-latency, private connection between OCI and Google Cloud.
  • High bandwidth: To enable your high-bandwidth workloads, provisioned bandwidth for each virtual circuit is available in 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 50 Gbps.
  • Fast, on-demand provisioning: With physical connectivity between OCI and Google Cloud already established, you can provision virtual circuits in minutes. If you need more bandwidth, modify an existing virtual circuit’s bandwidth, or configure another virtual circuit for equal-cost multi-path routing (ECMP).
  • Global availability: With availability in multiple cloud regions globally, customers can take advantage of multiregion and multicloud architectures for disaster recovery and service delivery across and in region.
  • Technology integration: Choose from the best combinations of Oracle’s and Google’s industry-leading services based on their features, performance, and pricing. For example, connect Google Cloud AI offerings, such as Gemini and Vertex AI, to Autonomous Database and Exadata services on OCI. Or host your app in OCI while securely accessing Google's robust application services APIs, such as a delivery application connecting to Google Maps Platform and a mobile app using Google Firebase.
  • No Egress Fees: You incur no cross-cloud data transfer charges when sending traffic across the Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud. Pay only port hour fees from each cloud. Oracle never charges outbound data transfer fees for FastConnect private peering services, and Google has waived all data transfer fees for the Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud.
  • Collaborative support model: The partnership between Oracle and Google offers a collaborative and comprehensive support model. Open a ticket with either My Oracle Support or Google Cloud Support. Both support organizations directly engage each other to quickly resolve issues.

Common Architectures

Oracle and Google’s partnership enables customers to deploy multicloud architectures within interconnected regions where customers can innovate using the best of Google Cloud and OCI with seamless interoperability. Possible architectures include the following options.

Extend the Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud with Network Connectivity Center

Extend Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud

Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center allows you to connect networks together by using the Google Cloud network as transit. With the Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud, you can now further extend connectivity from your on-premises networks into OCI by using your existing Google Cloud Interconnects or Cloud VPN connections. This architecture allows for full connectivity between resources in OCI, Google Cloud, and on-premises with Google Cloud's Network Connectivity Center as the hub. Refer to the Network Connectivity Center list of supported locations for Google Cloud regions where this use case is supported.

Enable remote on-ramp to other regions using the Oracle backbone

Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud with Remote Peering Connection

Extend connectivity from Google Cloud to your OCI resources hosted in other regions where the Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud isn't yet available. Enable a remote on-ramp scenario with remote peering connections (RPCs) to route traffic over the OCI backbone to the nearest interconnect towards Google Cloud.

Add a service gateway to your architecture for easy access to Oracle services hosted in the Oracle Services Network, such as OCI Object Storage, Fusion Applications, Oracle Analytics, and many more.

Inspect all cross-cloud traffic using the OCI Network Firewall

Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud with OCI Network Firewall

The OCI Network Firewall is a next-generation managed firewall service. Insert the Network Firewall in your traffic path for advanced filtering, traffic inspection, and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities. Provision the Network Firewall in your hub virtual cloud network (VCN) to inspect all traffic between OCI and Google Cloud and any other on-premises or internet destinations. You can expand this architecture further to also inspect traffic within OCI between VCNs or between VCNs and Oracle services.

Want to know more?

The Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud is available in 11 commercial regions globally with more regions to come. To learn more about this exciting new partnership, see Expanding the Cross-Cloud Network: the Google Cloud partnership with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

For more detailed information about the Oracle Interconnect for Google Cloud, refer to the Oracle technical documentation. The documentation also includes step-by-step instructions on how to provision your new interconnect.

For more information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect, refer to the FastConnect overview and FastConnect documentation. For more information about Google Cloud Interconnect, see the Cloud Interconnect Overview and Cloud Interconnect documentation.

Contact your account team if you're interested in possible availability in additional regions.

Misha Kasvin

Principal Solutions Architect, OCI Networking Services

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