Announcing Oracle Cloud’s Standard3 instances with 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Ice Lake processors

January 13, 2022 | 4 minute read
Sanjay Pillai
Director Product Management
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Our core tenet has always been the absolute best price-performance by giving customers the benefit of the latest generation hardware with everyday low pricing. Our portfolio of Compute instances gives our customers the flexibility to run each application on the most suitable platform. Last year, we announced the Intel-based Optimized3 instances for compute-intensive and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of 3rd gen Intel Xeon-based Standard3 bare metal and flexible virtual machine (VM) instances for general-purpose workloads. Standard3 instances provide up to 60% better performance than current Intel SkyLake-based Standard2 instances for the same price. Standard3 flexible VMs enable customers to run a wide range of workloads by configuring instances with up to 32 cores and up to 64-GB memory per core.

Improved scale and flexibility on the latest generation Intel Platinum processor

The Standard3 compute instances are based on the Intel Xeon Ice Lake 8358 processor, featuring 2.6Ghz base frequency and 3.4 Ghz max turbo frequency. This processor is part of the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor family that has built-in support for AI optimization, encryption, and AVX-512 instructions.







64 cores

1,024 GB

Up to 1 PB of remote block storage

100 Gbps


1–32 cores

1–64 GB per OCPU, max 512 GB

Up to 1 PB of remote block storage

1 Gbps per OCPU, max 32 Gbps

Standard3 bare metal instance offers increased scale in terms of cores (64 up from 52), memory (1,024 GB up from 768 GB) and networking bandwidth (100 Gbps up from 50 Gbps) versus the existing Standard2 bare metal instance. These bare metal instances are ideal for customers who need the power of Intel’s Ice Lake processor to run the most demanding workloads including large databases, e-commerce applications, web servers, and even compute-intensive workloads like AI inferencing and encryption.

With Oracle Cloud’s flexible infrastructure, now customers can efficiently size their Intel-based VMs with the exact compute (up to 32 cores) and memory (up to 64 GB per core) needed to support workloads that span memory intensive like databases, compute intensive like media encoding or compute and memory balanced workloads like web servers or cloud native workloads. Now customers can get the benefit of the latest generation Ice Lake processor with higher scale and flexibility at the same price as existing Standard2 instances.

Up to 60% better performance at the same price

Standard3 flexible instances are priced independently at $0.04 per OCPU-hour (Compute, Standard, X9), and $0.0015 per GB-hour (Compute, Standard, X9, Memory). This pricing differs from the current Standard2 instances that are priced at $0.0638 per OCPU-hour (Compute, VM Standard, X7). At the blended price, a Standard3 VM with 1 OCPU and 15 GB is $0.0625 per hour, which is the same or even a little less than a Standard2 VM.

So, how much better is the performance of the Standard3 instances?

We ran industry standard micro benchmarks to exercise the CPU performance, memory subsystem performance (see Figure 1). The third-generation Intel Xeon 8358-based server performs well, compared to our existing Intel Xeon 8167M based servers. The Standard3 bare metal instance delivers up to an estimated 62% increase in integer performance, an estimated 72% increase in floating point performance, and an estimated 73% increase in STREAM Triad bandwidth compared to the Standard2 bare metal instance.

Figure 1: Normalized bare metal performance comparison of Standard2 and Standard3

Get started with Standard3 instances

For technical information on the Standard3 instances, you can access our Compute shapes documentation. Standard3 instances are now available in 20 regions across the globe with more regions being added in the coming months.

To learn more about deploying Compute workloads, visit our Architecture Center. If you ‘re new to Oracle Cloud, you can sign up for a trial account for free.

SPEC, SPEC CPU, and the benchmark SPECrate are registered trademarks of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation.

Sanjay Pillai

Director Product Management

Director Product Management, OCI Compute Service

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