Announcing Oracle Alloy: The power of the cloud in your hands

October 18, 2022 | 4 minute read
Clay Magouyrk
Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering
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We’re excited to announce the limited availability of Oracle Alloy. Oracle Alloy is a complete cloud infrastructure platform that enables partners to become cloud providers and offer a full range of cloud services to expand their businesses. Partners can customize the commercial and customer experience and build new cloud services to address specific market and industry vertical needs. For customers in industries with specific regulatory requirements, partners can operate Oracle Alloy independently in their own data centers and fully control its operations.

What we’ve heard from our partners and customers

Thousands of service providers, integrators, and independent software vendors (ISVs) provide applications and services tailored to a particular industry or market, often addressing unique needs, including local regulatory or governmental requirements. These partners want to innovate at the speed of the hyperscalers, quickly offer new bespoke services, and provide a great customer experience while maintaining margins for this added value. Many regulated market providers serving the public sector and other industries want to keep workloads in country and operate their cloud independently.

“We are excited about Oracle’s vision to allow its partners and customers to further manage and customize cloud resources, which will provide broader access to public cloud innovation across the cloud continuum. Accelerating cloud adoption, while also supporting our clients’ unique industry, market, and regulatory needs, will create new kinds of business value,” said David Wood, Global Strategy lead, Accenture Cloud First.

Oracle Alloy can help these partners serve their customers with unique capabilities.

Oracle Alloy capabilities

Oracle Alloy is designed to provide the innovation of the cloud with a new level of customization and control.

All the power of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) public cloud: Oracle Alloy is a platform that offers the same 100+ infrastructure and platform services that are available in OCI’s public cloud. As a result, partners can go to market quickly with a preintegrated hardware and software platform deployed in their own data center facilities, enabling them to quickly enter new markets and generate new revenue streams, with cloud services already proven with thousands of customers worldwide. The market has no other offering like this.

Customize and package as you need

Oracle Alloy enables partners to offer these new capabilities under their brand, with control over commercial terms, customer relationships, and touchpoints. Partners can skin the Oracle Cloud Console with their branding and customize customer notifications, alerts, software developer kits (SDKs), and documentation. They can set their pricing, rate cards, account types, and discount schedules and define the support structure and service levels. Oracle Alloy also provides complete customer billing and lifecycle management, including invoicing and billing, based on Oracle Fusion Applications.

A screenshot of a customized home page for fictional partner Bellanuvola.

Build new cloud services tailored for your markets

Oracle Alloy offers software and hardware extensibility. Using the same developer, UX, DevOps, and security tools we currently use to build OCI native services, partners can build their cloud services tailored to the needs of specific markets or industries. They can also bring specific hardware appliances, such as specific types of compute or mainframes, to the Oracle Alloy and offer new cloud services based on them. OCI is designed to accommodate a diverse set of underlying hardware. Now, partners can take advantage of this architecture to serve their customers.

A screenshot of an example of new cloud services based on specific hardware added to the Oracle Alloy.

​Global innovation operated locally

Oracle Alloy Partners can operate their cloud platform independently. They can control cloud operations to meet needs of specific customers, industries, or markets, such as regulatory or security requirements not usually met by public cloud. They can also control processes to integrate with existing resources or better meet the business requirements. For example, partners can use their staffing for customer support and operations and control patching, upgrades, and rollbacks.

Setting your new cloud business up for success

OCI offers Cloud University programs to onboard, train, and certify providers to run, manage, and operate their Oracle Alloy, including training and documentation to provide first-line technical and account support to end customers. OCI provides technical support to manage the platform, including escalation support for complex customer and deep service operations issues. The platform also offers capacity management tools to help the provider forecast, plan, and order capacity, and reporting and metrics to manage utilization.

“As the first customer of OCI Dedicated Region, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI) is currently running two of our most critical financial applications: BESTWAY and T-STAR, hosted on a high-performance, secure, and scalable cloud platform, provided by Oracle, and operated by NRI with a high level of control to meet stringent security, data sovereignty, and regulatory requirements. We see Oracle Alloy as a valuable new offering that will not only make it easier for our customers to build and run their own applications and services, but also enable us to better integrate our own financial applications and customers’ systems. Oracle Alloy has the potential to help us further improve the business value for our financial services customers,” said Tomoshiro Takemoto, senior executive managing director, NRI.

Read the press release in full.

Find out more about Oracle Alloy

We’re excited to address the growing need for cloud with greater control. For more details, reach out to your Oracle representative.

Clay Magouyrk

Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

Clay runs the engineering and software development team for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, based in Seattle.  He has experience building cloud systems at scale at Amazon and elsewhere and was one of the first members of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure team, working on Oracle’s Generation 2 Cloud since its inception.

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