Announcing New Compute Shapes Based on AmpereOne for a Sustainable Cloud

September 19, 2023 | 5 minute read
Kailas Jawadekar
Director of Product Marketing
Sagar Zanwar
Principal Product Manager, Compute
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Today, we are excited to announce that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute’s latest Arm-based cloud offering, OCI Compute A2 shapes powered by AmpereOne(TM) Cloud Native Processors are planned to be available soon! New architectural advances are expected to maximize application price-performance by up to 44%* compared to current generation x86 offerings. OCI Compute A2 shapes are designed to offer flex shapes with up to 156 cores and the highest bare-metal core count available on any cloud service provider at the time of the launch with shapes up to 320 cores. This next generation Cloud Native compute shape is ideal for AI inference, databases, web services, media transcoding workloads and run-time language support such as GO, and Java. 

OCI Compute A2 shapes powered by AmpereOne processor

The new OCI Compute A2 shapes are expected to deliver up to 44%* better price performance than the current generation x86 based compute shapes.  This means customers can pay less to do the same amount of work, lowering overall costs. OCI Compute A2 shapes are designed also to help customers looking for more energy-efficient compute to reduce their overall carbon footprint and achieve sustainability goals.  OCI is delivering the next generation of a sustainable cloud in partnering with Ampere and delivering this platform to end-customers. 

The OCI Compute A2 shape establishes new performance levels and Virtual Machine density for computing solutions at scale.  OCI Compute A2 builds on the same Cloud Native principles as the current-generation OCI Ampere A1.

  • Predictable performance 
  • Elastic and Scalable
  • Power Efficient and Sustainable

Predictable Performance: The OCI Compute A2 shapes offer up to 320 cores in bare metal and up to 156 cores on a single VM. Large private caching, consistent operating frequency, single-threaded cores, and new memory management features combine to help deliver even more predictable performance by mitigating the noisy neighbor challenges in hyper-threaded processing architectures while providing a secure microarchitecture for multi-tenant cloud environments. 

Elastic and Scalable: The OCI Compute A2 shapes provide high-performance processing power and linear scalability to deploy dense compute for the most demanding workloads. ​OCI A2 compute is well suited to a variety of system configurations delivering the highest performance with new large capacity storage attached options, high-performance networking, and OCI flex shapes for right sizing and cost optimization.

Power Efficient and Sustainable: The OCI AmpereOneA2 leads all other server compute products by providing the highest performance per rack for the most sustainable and power-efficient computing installations in the industry. This reduces rack and floor space and trims power requirements for operational efficiency. Carbon footprints are reduced allowing customers to address ESG goals and help shorten the time to Net-Zero emissions initiatives.

OCI Services powered by Ampere  

Ampere is the key strategic partner for Oracle in building a sustainable cloud at scale.  Oracle is running on Ampere instances within OCI across the board. All new customers are running Fusion Apps on Ampere, Oracle Database has launched on Ampere, and more than 300+ OCI services are running on Ampere A1 shapes with support for Ampere A2 shapes expected to come online soon.  Many large-scale customers are also adopting the Ampere shapes taking advantage of the improved price-performance infrastructure on OCI. 


Karan Batta, SVP of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

“Ampere processors are increasingly the foundation for many Oracle services including everything from Databases to Fusion Apps,” said Karan Batta, SVP of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, “cost effective solutions and scalability across rapidly growing workloads from data analytics, serverless, and web services applications are driving new customers like 8x8, and Phenix, to shift their cloud infrastructure to Ampere based OCI solutions.”


Ampere: Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer 

“Today’s announcement of the next generation of OCI AmpereOne A2 infrastructure gives end-customers like 8x8, Phenix and many more the roadmap to scale with confidence.” said Jeff Wittich, Chief Product Officer at Ampere. “The new A2 shapes combined with services from partners like Wallaroo gives customers a scalable option to implement their AI workloads at lower cost. Our AI Optimized Framework provides customers with the fastest path to maximizing AI performance.  We are pioneering what sustainable, scalable cloud means and delivering this in lock step with OCI.”


Customers Optimizing using OCI Ampere Shapes

As customers migrate to the cloud, modernizing applications, and optimize for costs, we see their demand for compute increasing at a rapid pace.  Customers are demanding better performance, and more importantly better price-performance to control cost across their diverse set of workload needs.  Each workload has specific requirements, optimizing the performance for each while maintaining cost-efficiency is crucial.


8x8: Mehdi Salour, SVP, Global Network and DevOps 

“We have Ampere A1 instances in production now, and they have been performing really well” said Mehdi Salour, SVP, Global Network and DevOps at 8x8. “The price-performance is so attractive, we are actively working to convert more of our services to use the OCI Ampere instances.”


Walleroo: Vid Jain, CEO, Wallaroo.AI 

“At Wallaroo we are always looking for ways to increase performance and lower costs for our customers. Wallaroo and Ampere have collaborated to offer a solution running on OCI A1 enabling AI inference services for enterprises that improve inference performance up to 6x, increase energy efficiency, and balance their ML workloads across available compute resources much more effectively,” said Vid Jain CEO of Walleroo, “this serviceis critical to meeting the huge demand for AI computing resources while addressing the sustainability impact of the explosion in AI.  The next generation AmpereOne™ A2 instances on OCI will extend this price performance value proposition for the continued expansion of AI inference in the cloud.”


Phenix: Dr. Stefan Birrer, Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect 

“Working closely with Ampere and OCI has been instrumental in upgrading our software stack to managing our cloud computing spend, giving us headroom for additional capacity and expanded services for our customers.” Said Dr. Stefan Birrer, Co-Founder & Chief Software Architect at Phenix. “We also look forward to adopting the next generation Ampere instances on OCI.”

Get started with Arm on OCI

If you are interested in private preview of OCI A2 Compute shapes, please reach out to If you are new to Oracle Cloud, you can sign up for a trial account for free. and sign up for Always free to test current generation A1.  Customers can also access Oracle Database 19c available for Arm, running Oracle Database Service on OCI using OCI Ampere A1 compute shapes.  Oracle Linux has been designed and optimized specifically for Ampere CPUs providing an ideal environment for development and deployment of enterprise software on Arm64.



OCI Compute A2 shapes are powered by the next-generation Arm-based Cloud Native Processors that offer the best-in-class price-performance, predictability, scalability, and power efficiency. OCI Compute A2 shapes will be available for Limited Availability beginning Q4, CY2023. Try out OCI Ampere A2 and see how you can take advantage of the industry-leading price performance and power efficiency for your business-critical workloads. 

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* When measured for Synthetic workloads such as SpecInt

Kailas Jawadekar

Director of Product Marketing

Sagar Zanwar

Principal Product Manager, Compute

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