All systems operational: Announcing an improved OCI status dashboard

March 16, 2022 | 2 minute read
Jessica Alspaugh
Principal Product Manager, OCI Console
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A screenshot of the new OCI Status Dashboard

We’re excited to announce a major upgrade to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) status dashboard.

When the status dashboard first launched, OCI only had seven services in four regions. Today, the number of regions and services has increased by more than five times and continues to grow. Customers needed a better way of understanding the information on the status dashboard.

In this change, we’re highlighting the status of the rapidly growing set of OCI services and regions into logical geographic areas and improving the complex matrix that previously existed.

Key features

  • Status dashboard shows the current health of all OCI services in all regions.

  • Regions are organized into geographic groups, to aid in finding what’s most relevant to you.

  • As before, the dashboard shows event history.

  • You can programmatically query the status of services.

You can visit the new experience or access it through Health Dashboard from the homepage of the Oracle Cloud Console.

A screenshot of the Oracle Cloud Console Quickstarts screen with the menu expanded and the health dashboard button outlined in red.

The OCI status dashboard shows service outages at the service or region level. Outages specific to a customer are communicated to the customer with Console Announcements.

This recent Announcements release provides a personalized experience through the Announcement dashboard, subscriptions, and filter groups. The Announcement service, combined with Notifications service, can deliver the announcements not only to the Oracle Cloud Console and email, but to a wide variety of channels supported by the Oracle Notifications service.

We welcome you to sign up for the Oracle Cloud Free Trial or sign in to your account to experience all that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has to offer!

Jessica Alspaugh

Principal Product Manager, OCI Console

Jessica is a Product Manager for the OCI Console. She's passionate about prioritizing data, listening to customers and fostering the design of natural, intuitive, straightforward and delightful user experiences.

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