Announcing Digital Assistant, Streaming, Notifications, and other services for Oracle Government customers

December 8, 2020 | 3 minute read
Jerry Niemeyer
Director, Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Public Sector
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The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Government and Department of Defense (DoD) regions continue to gain customer adoption and have proven its purpose and mission as more customers have gone live to support public sector programs and projects. Today, we announce a new set of cloud services to increase the usefulness of Oracle Cloud government regions by providing greater ease of use and rich automation:

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications

  • Oracle Digital Assistant Platform

These services add to the existing Oracle Cloud for government core services, which include File Storage service, usage reports, Resource Manager, Console Announcements, Terraform, Kubernetes, autoscaling, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring.

Over the last six months, we’ve added countless new features to our US government regions, including AMD, high-performance computing (HPC), enhanced GPU hardware, private endpoints for bi-directional connectivity, Oracle Linux Container Registry, and OCI Registry.

How do these services provide value to public sector entities?

The services are on a FedRAMP high and IL5 accredited environment, and all these services are accredited at the same level. These accreditations provide the peace of mind that physical and virtual security, maintenance, tools, people, and processes meet both current and ongoing compliance standards.

Oracle Digital Assistant allows customers to build conversational interfaces for cloud and on-premises applications that can be deployed to multiple channels including web, mobile, smart speakers, and popular messaging platforms. Aided with visual development tools, supervised self-learning and built-in bot analytics allow faster application development and deployment. Service providers can start with prebuilt enterprise skills or create chatbot skills to satisfy unique requirements. Oracle Digital Assistant can help government offices address citizen questions and concerns in real time around disaster relief services, benefit eligibility, permit processing, and civil services FAQ are important use cases, to name a few. Learn more about Oracle Digital Assistant.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming service provides a fully managed, scalable, and durable storage solution for ingesting continuous, high-volume streams of data that you can consume and process in real time. Government customers can use Streaming to help log analysis of IT (infrastructure and app events) or sensor data. It helps you understand web and mobile user activity (page views, searches, and actions) for data warehousing or real-time analytics. It also helps implement messaging patterns of high-volume data feeds from multiple publishers into multiple consumers to allow near real-time actions and policy-driven responses. Learn more about OCI Streaming.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications is a fully managed, durable, secure, reliable, low-latency service that can broadcast messages to distributed components through a publish-subscribe pattern. This service can send notifications about anomalies in your tenancy and can help with password resets, calendar reminders, and even web user nudges. Notifications service is integrated with other OCI services, such as Monitoring, and supports the most popular protocols and supports third-party integrations. Learn more about OCI Notifications.

More to come!

Expect more service to come to US government regions every few months as Oracle drives to deliver service parity between our commercial and government cloud offerings. As always, Oracle offers the same price for each service in every region, there’s no price premium for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services in our US government regions.

Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Government. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions dedicated for the Government consist of FedRAMP High Federal and Civilian authorized regions and IL5 Department of Defense (DoD) authorized regions. To apply these services in the region most appropriate for your use case, consult your Oracle sales representative.

Jerry Niemeyer

Director, Product Management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Public Sector

I have spent the last 25 years innovating in the IT industry, with a focus on Public Sector customers and cloud deployments.

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