Announcing support for alarm suppression and alarm history by dimension in OCI Monitoring

January 24, 2024 | 2 minute read
Satyendra Kuntal
Principal Product Manager
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Monitoring is happy to announce new alarm suppression and alarm history capabilities. You can now suppress alarm notifications for your chosen metric dimensions and view the history of alarm suppressions at metric dimension level. 

In several scenarios, you might find it convenient and effective to manage alarms by controlling the dimensions or resources you want to receive alarms for. For example, you might want to suppress alarms for Compute instances within their maintenance window, while the same alarms continue to fire for other instances that aren’t under maintenance. Now, with the ability to suppress each alarm only for the chosen resources, you don’t need to create alarms by individual resources, reducing noise with fewer alarms.

You’re often required to generate resource availability report for specific resources. Alarm suppression history is important for use cases where you can calculate resource specific availability using its alarm suppression history. 

Alarm suppression by dimension

We’re providing you the ability to choose dimensions or resources while suppressing an alarm, instead of suppressing the alarm for all the dimensions it was created on. Choose the option to suppress an alarm based on dimensions and specify the resource name or OCID (dimension value) that are undergoing maintenance in the enhanced alarm suppression flow. OCI Monitoring then schedules the alarm suppression only for the selected resources.

Alarm suppression detail editing in the Oracle Cloud Console
Alarm suppression detail editing in the Oracle Cloud Console

You can remove dimension-specific alarm suppression as needed. In our example, you can remove the alarm suppression if the maintenance window gets cancelled.

Alarm suppression history

We’re also providing alarm suppression history based on dimensions or resources. You can view the alarm suppression history under alarm details. Suppression history provides you information on the timeline of suppression, along with dimensions the alarm was suppressed on. Suppression history is available for 90 days. 

Alarm suppression history details
Alarm suppression history details

The alarm suppression based on resources works only for alarms with split notifications enabled. For more details, refer to the splits notifications documentation.

Getting started

The enhanced alarm suppression and alarm history features are available in all commercial regions. These features don’t cause breaking changes to your existing alarm definitions or suppressions and their history. For more details, refer to the technical documentation.

We welcome you to sign up for the Oracle Cloud Free Trial or sign in to your account to experience Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring for monitoring your infrastructure. We’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us.

Satyendra Kuntal

Principal Product Manager

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